NBA Giannis mis à mal par un joueur des Celtics

Giannis opens the door to a departure and flirts with another franchise!



Determined to win again and again for the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo is fully committed to his team, for now at least. His career ? It is still long, to the point that no one knows where he will play in 5/6 years. In a recent interview, the Greek Freak opened the door to a pre-retirement departure, with another franchise in mind.

Two MVP titles, a ring and maybe more to come: Giannis Antetokounmpo has already accomplished great things with the Bucks in his career. Count on the Greek to continue, he who wants to continue and be successful in Wisconsin. The MVP is only secondary now, the player wishing to win other championships in Milwaukee, alongside Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday.

But does he want to do it throughout his career? You may have doubts. Despite his unwavering commitment to the Bucks, Giannis has hinted in the past that a departure was possible. He greatly appreciates his frankness, but he does not rule out the possibility of discovering another house before his retirement, which will not intervene for a while. In a recent interview, he has mostly just confirmed this theory.

Giannis ready to join an iconic franchise!

That doesn’t mean the Greek Freak is going to leave anytime soon, that Bucks fans are reassured, but the possibility exists. Giannis has nothing against the idea of ​​ending his career in Milwaukee, even if he really appreciates… the Bulls. During a mini-conference, and answering questions, the interested party confirmed that he was open to the idea of ​​playing for Chicago, one day, if the opportunity arises.

I think that any player, if he answers “no” to this question (playing the Bulls, editor’s note), then he would be a liar. It is a team that has been able to win many titles, that has had one of the greatest players in history, if not the best. For me, the question does not arise, everyone would like to play for the Bulls one day. In the end, we never know what will happen, what will happen in our life. Maybe I’ll play in Chicago. But right now I’m focused on the Bucks.

As we said, Giannis clearly opens the door to a departure. That doesn’t mean he’s ever going to leave Wisconsin, after all, he can still change his mind over the years. However, if weariness sets in with the Bucks, or poor results, it is possible to see him join a new destination. If so, the Bulls will be there.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is attached to the Bucks, to the point that he still wants to win many titles. Nevertheless, the Freak opens the door to a departure by the end of his career, perhaps to discover the Bulls, or even another franchise. At least the player isn’t lacking in honesty.

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