NBA Andrew Wiggins encensé après son bon match

Furious Warriors star: ‘I took it as disrespect’



During the last winning run in the playoffs, many Warriors found a way to shine on the court. This is the case for example of Steph Curry, but not only. In defense in particular, it was Andrew Wiggins who proved to be a decisive element, with additional motivation. The Canadian had experienced an injustice very badly according to him, that he wanted to repair.

The objective will not change for the Warriors next season, since Steve Kerr’s men have every intention of defending their title acquired at the expense of the Celtics. The competition still looks tough, with the return of stars to the Clippers, or the Lakers who will have things to be forgiven. Nevertheless, and with a roster still as complete and well built, the Dubs have the means to repeat their feat.

Steph Curry will be there, as will Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Jordan Poole shouldn’t jump ship, not yet anyway, like Andrew Wiggins. Very valuable this season with Golden State, on both sides of the floor, the winger knows he is important. The front office could take the risk of losing him for free next summer, while Bob Myers has decisions to make on his workforce.

Andrew Wiggins’ revenge at the Warriors

Wiggins was one of the great surprises of the Dubs in the last playoffs. We knew his qualities, but he found a way to sublimate himself in order to help his teammates, especially in defense. Against Boston or Dallas, the Canadian was able to have a big impact, allowing the outcome that we know today. But it is no coincidence for the former Wolves player, who had revenge to take.

If the winger shone in defense, it is because he did not collect any votes for the defender of the year in 2021. He wanted to prove to the world that he was gifted, as he explains in the latest Vince Carter podcast:

I got zero votes last year for defender of the year. So when we were in the playoffs, I took it as disrespect, I took it personally. I thought it was the perfect time to show what I can do. To make a name for myself.

Successful mission for Wiggins, who was decisive against the Celtics in the finals, but also throughout this postseason. To the point that the Warriors certainly do not want to lose him, even if it will take a financial effort. In the meantime, the ‘Half Court Hoops’ account shed light on the player’s exploits on Twitter:

Attractive in attack, brilliant in defense, Andrew Wiggins was one of the biggest architects of the last Warriors title. Losing him would be terrible news, but there may be no choice. If the player is in any case available, you can be sure that the franchises will be numerous at the gate.

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