FoodTweet #8, 2022 marketing priorities, inflation inflates ratings and upsets charts

FoodTweet #8, 2022 marketing priorities, inflation inflates ratings and upsets charts



How to carry out your prospective monitoring of the main news of this last fortnight on Twitter while you swallow a coffee? Take advantage of our social perspective on the events, launches, acquisitions, marketing x social commerce trends and splits that drive and shape the snacking business… And since nothing escapes Twitter, which remains the first lever of information on the web, do your food monitoring in 2 minutes before everyone else through a 12th section of relevant information specially selected for you! #InSnackingWeTrust!

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#1 | Tensions over food and energy prices due to the war in Ukraine could last several years, according to the World Bank

The war in Ukraine has caused a major shock to commodity markets and changed the pattern of world trade, production and consumption. According to the latest edition of the Commodity Markets Outlook report published by the World Bank, prices will remain at historically high levels until the end of 2024. Wheat prices are forecast to increase by more than 40% and reach a record level in nominal value this year, This will penalize developing economies that depend on wheat imports, especially from Russia and Ukraine. Metal prices should rise by 16% in 2022 before moderating in 2023, but remaining at high levels. Download the report.

#2 | Adop’thé, tea room with dogs to cuddle and adopt being launched in Nantes

#3 | Faced with soaring glass prices, is the aperitif in danger?

Even empty of alcohol, the bottles are on fire: confronted with an explosion of costs by the combined effects of the economic recovery and the war in Ukraine, the glass sees its prices climb, worrying the producers of alcoholic beverages. “The market is tense”, confirms Jacques Bordat, president of the federation of glass industries, in France, who however refuses to speak of a shortage, in an interview with AFP. Main stress factor for bottling, the rise in gas prices, which affects many industries and particularly that of glass, where it is used in glass furnaces to heat sand (silica) to more than 1,300 degrees…

#4 | Snapchat is the No. 1 mobile application in France for 15-49 year olds!

It’s official: Snapchat is taking a new step in its progression in France! Its audience, certified by the ACPM for 3 years for the Médiamétrie measurement, has just reached new thresholds: 25 million users per month! In January 2022 alone, the app registered 18 million daily users. In other words, 40% of French Internet users have consulted it on a daily basis. Faced with the evolution of commerce, Snapchatters are adopting a more immersive shopping experience: 86% of them would like to shop with augmented reality, while Snapchat is the most popular platform for sharing shopping sessions… A good hearer?

#5 | Dark humor is used by Burger King in its marketing strategy to promote its veggie nuggets

Burger King’s ‘Even More Confusing Times’ campaign uses a quirky sense of humor to highlight its plant-based chicken nuggets and as the brand has also gone completely meatless for its burgers. Alongside other daily puzzles, like whether a Black Friday eco-friendly purchase is actually good for the planet, or whether it’s worse to message an ex or delete the message once sent. The effort, created by David Madrid, builds on the brand’s “Confusing Times” effort in 2021 which promoted Impossible Whopper and reflected on pandemic-related issues around working from home, dating apps and social media. videoconference. “Burger King’s meatless alternatives are getting more and more confusing. So we wanted to reflect that with an even more confusing campaign than the previous one,” said Iwo Zakowski, Global Brand Marketing Manager for the channel.

#6 | Tourism: “Paris has returned to its pre-crisis level”, rejoices the UMIH Paris Ile-de-France

They have found a smile again: restaurant owners and hoteliers in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. These tourism professionals have been hard hit by the Covid-19 but they are starting to regain the upper hand, assures Franck Delvau, president of the Ile-de-France region of the first employers’ union, the UMIH. “For the first time, we have found the level before Covid, with really a lot of tourists in Paris, we hear English, Spanish, Belgian Dutch, Swiss spoken, so it’s really nice,” he explains. “We returned to reservations in hotels that exceed 84% so it’s excellent,” he adds.

#7 | Become a Parisian with Courtepaille!

10 years after its last commercial, Courtepaille is making a comeback! Accompanied by its agency Marcel, the brand promotes the new menu of these 200 restaurants, present everywhere in France… except in Paris. And that’s good, because the Parisians, between the stressed, the unpleasant or the presumptuous, we sometimes prefer them on our plates than at our table! To promote its Parisian burger – one of the novelties on its April menu – the brand plays on the sensitive chord of the pretentious resident of the capital, who arrives in the provinces. Through a 30-second film made in stop-motion, the lead role is given to the burger, snob and arrogant who talks so much that you only want to do it! So just have fun.

#8 | Digitalisation, AI, customer experience, data… What are the priority projects for marketers this year?

Unlike in 2021, digitalization is no longer a priority project (-20 points compared to 2021) since 63% of marketers prioritize improving the customer experience this year. Just behind, working on your brand, for 56% of them. Thus the smallest companies focus on the creation of a community, the SMEs develop “employee advocacy” and Internal Ambassadors: favored by the SMEs, the large companies favor collaboration on events.

#9 | Restaurants: inflation inflates notes and upsets the cards

Fresh products experienced an increase of 7.6% over one year. Restaurant owners are thus directly impacted, as confirmed by a survey by The Fork. In its report, the leader in online booking indicates that 9 out of 10 establishments, or 91%, suffered the repercussions of inflation on their activity in the first quarter. More than half of restaurateurs (68%) would consider changing their menu to deal with the increase in the cost of certain products.

#10 | Which cities have the most fast food outlets in France?

In order to study the phenomenon of fast food more closely, HelloFresh looked in February 2022 at the share of restaurants and fast food chains in 25 of the largest French cities. Unsurprisingly, Paris gets first place, followed by Lyon and Marseille. Paris has more than 14,600 restaurants! The capital therefore offers almost 6 times more restaurants than Lyon, which occupies second place. But what is the share of fast food restaurants among the totality of restaurants and according to the density of the population? The answer is in the study!

Bonuses | The (massive) takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk has not escaped Burger King and you will take a burger in the shape of a flying saucer and payable in cryptocurrency, right?

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