Focus on the job of Marketing Manager

Focus on the job of Marketing Manager



In this article, we invite you to discover in more detail the job of marketing manager. Whether it is the necessary skills, the training to follow, the missions and responsibilities of the marketing manager, or even the salaries, you will find the information you need if this job intrigues you and you want to know more.

What is the job of Marketing Manager?

The Marketing Manager has a key role. He is completely involved in the general strategy of the company. He takes care of developing and proposing a plan, a business strategy that will then be useful for the rest of the company. For this, he must carry out marketing studies and obtain information regarding the needs and expectations of customers and consumersor concerning the competition. And then, the Marketing Manager follows market developments. All this allows him to carry out in-depth analyzes in order to find and determine opportunities of market, of target a category of consumers and to establish a action plan. When developing the marketing plan, one must basically define the marketing mix, composed of 4P (McCarthy, 1960). These are the 4 means of action to win customers: the product, the price, the distribution, the communication. (We call them the “4Ps” because, in English, they are: product, price, place, promotion).

In short, thanks to all this preparatory work, he and his team will then be able to think about and set up operations to promote the products or services offered by the company. But the Marketing Manager can, in fact, have different “objects of study”: instead of a product or a service, it can be an event, or a brand for example. Moreover, this action plan, as I was saying, will benefit the whole company because it serves to establish the brandat determine the resources to be used according to the different projectsand to set the short and long term goals.

Can a Marketing Manager have other roles within the organization?

A Marketing Manager can be a Vice President of Marketing, Director of Marketing, or even a Marketing Manager in some companies. But unlike the simple marketing director – or Chief Marketing Officer – (who focuses more on branding, communication and budget allocations), the marketing manager focuses on execution and results. In other words, CMOs actually do marketing, which is why they’re in such high demand.

What exactly can the missions of the Marketing Manager be?

The missions of the marketing manager are numerous and diversified. Yet, everything could almost be summed up in these 4 essential elements: strategy, execution, measurement and optimization.

But, let’s dig a little deeper. Indeed, the Marketing Manager is responsible for:

  • Strategize for all marketing teams, including digital, advertising, communications and creative teams,
  • Prepare and manage budgets monthly, quarterly and annual reports from the marketing department,
  • Set, control and report on Goals of the team,
  • design branding, positioning and pricing strategies,
  • Ensure that the brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and across all marketing actions (events, mailing campaigns, web pages and promotional material),
  • Analyze the consumer behavior and determine the ideal client (personas),
  • Identify opportunities to achieve new market segments and increase the market shares,
  • Develop plans for recruitmentt quarterly and annually,
  • Measure with precision the effectiveness of the action plan,
  • Follow the competition (acquisitions, price changes and new products),
  • Coordinate the efforts of sales and marketing to increase brand awareness,
  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of company objectives.

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What marketing methods does the Marketing Manager use?

Although it depends on the industry, the company and the objectives of the company, it will be a mixture of the following methods:

  • Paid traffic management
  • Data analysis and management
  • Test optimization and management
  • E-commerce management (if applicable)
  • Email marketing management
  • Conversion funnel management
  • Search Marketing Management (SEO)
  • Community management
  • Social media management
  • Marketing content management
  • And others…

What skills are required to become a Marketing Manager?

To qualify for a job as a Marketing Manager, you obviously need to have experience in the field. Often in job postings you can find Required Skills which look like the following:

  • Experience in managing successful marketing campaigns
  • Solid knowledge of web analytics and Google Adwords
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to quickly prioritize and assign tasks
  • Experience with a CRM software
  • Leadership skills, with the ability to set goals and prioritize them
  • Analytical mind
  • Ability to plan and manage budgets

Along with these analysis and synthesis skills, the Marketing Manager must often have financial, legal and negotiation skills, computer skills and speaking a second foreign language (English is essential).

What are the qualities sought in a Marketing Manager?

Given the demands of the job, the Marketing Manager must have a number of qualities :

  • The ability to manage and lead a team
  • The meaning of negotiation
  • The ability to convince
  • A sense of observation and listening
  • A curious mind open to other cultures
  • A sense of relationship
  • A great creativity
  • A very important dynamism and proactivity

Training to become a Marketing Manager

The marketing manager has at least a Bac +3 level, but preferably a Bac +5 level. Nevertheless, what remains the most important for a recruiter will be the experience that the candidate has been able to acquire in the field of marketing.

  • For the shorter studies, training in the field of commerce, marketing and sales can already present itself as interesting courses. It can be the BTS NDRC (Negotiating and Digitalization of the Customer Relationship), the BTS MCO (Operational Commercial Management) or the BTS CI (International Trade). If you combine this with experience in the field, well, this can largely allow you to climb the ladder in certain companies. Thus, from a marketing assistant with this background, you can perfectly become a Marketing Manager after a few years.
  • However, most often, a Marketing Manager holds a Bac +5 diploma from a major business school or a Master’s degree in marketing or communication. It can also be an engineering school diploma supplemented by a Master’s or MBA-type training.

How much does a Marketing Manager earn in France?

The starting salary of a marketing manager can be around 3000€ gross per month. To stay large, you can count between 2000€ and 6000€ per month depending on seniority, the place of exercise of the profession or the size of the workforce of the company (the more important it is, the more the salary increases) . In France, the average salary of a Marketing Manager is approximately 3,500 to 4,000 euros gross per month.

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