Focus on the Business Developer profession: salaries, skills, masters

Focus on the Business Developer profession: salaries, skills, masters



Innovating and adapting to its competitive environment are key aspects for a company to survive and grow. As in any business, the commercial function is essential. Thus, today, we are going to focus on a profession of this function: the Business developer.

A business developer takes care of the sales cycle (from prospecting to signing a contract) and commercial negotiation but it also develops new proposals in parallel (products, services, partnerships, commercial strategy) while remaining at on the lookout for market trends.

If you want to know everything about this job and/or you have questions then this article is for you!

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How to become a business developer?

To become a business developer, know that there is no standard path. Indeed, even if generally, these are students who have completed a bac+5 level business school training (marketing management, entrepreneurship, finance), other profiles are hired such as those who come out of a BTS / DUT for example, or people with a diploma from a major engineering school.

The bonus: Having a diploma is not enough, it is also essential to be curious in order to stay up to date on the latest market trends even if you are still a student.

What are its missions?

The main objective of the business developer is to analyze in detail the situation of the company where it is located to show the positive points and those to be improved through concrete proposals such as the long-term commercial strategy coupled with short-term tactical means.

It must also be force of proposal so that his company can differentiate itself from competitors in order to increase turnover with new product/service offers or new partnerships, for example. So here is a summary of these main missions in his work:

  • Conduct competitive intelligence at competitor and industry level
  • Establish new proposals to increase turnover (new partnerships, new product and service offerings, etc.)
  • Strengthen the relationship create customer loyalty
  • Build a commercial strategy (commercial action plan, means of prospecting, distribution channels, sales objectives)

What skills and qualities are required for this job?

A business developer must have a a certain creativity with many qualities in negotiation. He must also have an ability to listen to the market and detect weak signals in order to anticipate market threats and opportunities (new competitors, new consumption patterns, regulatory changes, etc.).

Otherwise, a long-term vision at the level of the commercial strategy is required as well as a sense of detail in the business component of a company and knowledge of the market and competitors. The business developer has extensive knowledge of all the functions of a company (marketing, production, communication, finance) and not only in the commercial function in order to to have an overview of the company.

Moreover, He must also show of empathy and kindness as he is often in contact with customers and all components of the company. This contributes to its promotion and to the good brand image that a company wishes to maintain.

Finally, qualities of expression both in writing and orally are necessary to be able to excel in this profession. The taste for challenge and surpassing oneself are two essential qualities to become a good business developer.

Most to have: Knowing that he often leads a team on projects, knowing how to show leadership is a plus.

In terms of technical skills, an excellent command of several foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish) in an international context is strongly recommended, as is knowledge of marketing and the legal field in order to better understand the needs of a company. The objective is to rapidly develop strategies for acquiring new market shares.

How much does a business developer get?

Remuneration depends on seniority, the variable part and the size of the company. But we can estimate that the average remuneration of a business developer in career start is 2900 euros gross per month and can go up to 7000 euros gross/month with 10 years of experience.

For one year in France, it is estimated that a beginner business developer earns between 35,000 and 38,000 euros gross while a senior earns between 46,000 and 50,000 euros gross.

And after ?

After a few years as a business developer, it is possible to climb the ladder to become an innovation project manager, sales manager, partnership manager or even general manager, for example.

The business developer is a person with a very complete profile with many human qualities coupled with extensive and precise knowledge of many of the company’s trades because he is in contact with many of them. Its missions are diverse and varied but they have a common objective: to ensure the development and increase in turnover. Finally, it is important to remember that it There is no “typical” path to becoming a business developer, even if certain training courses are recommended.

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