La superstar NBA des Philadelphie 76ers, James Harden, a adressé un troll à son coéquipier Joel Embiid sur Twitter

First trade in sight at the Sixers? A key player mentioned!



After a failed season, the Sixers should be active in the coming months. Several players may be on the way out, although others are considered untouchable. According to the latest rumors, it is a first trade which is being prepared in Pennsylvania, with a key player mentioned. A necessity for Daryl Morey, who wants to do everything to win the title.

The arrival of James Harden last February did not have the expected impact, he who was very discreet during the playoffs. His first matches were very interesting, but after the honeymoon, everything fell apart for the Barbu, who never managed to make a difference, especially in attack. A real source of concern for supporters, even if the person concerned seems to want to change the situation. In fact, we could see undergoing physical transformationproof that Harden wants to be active this summer.

Joel Embiid he could not save his team. It must be said that the pivot was hurt at the level of the eye or even of the finger, decreasing it strongly in the series against the Heat, in the second round. A cruel end for this roster, but the ambition has obviously not changed for Philadelphia: it’s the title, or nothing at all. We can therefore expect to see an aggressive Daryl Morey in the coming weeks.

An exchange in preparation with the Sixers, the known package!

Let the fans be reassured, negotiations have already started with the Sixers, to try to find new players. According to The Ringer, via Kevin O’Connor, it is Danny Green who should pack his bags in the coming weeks. With him ? Pick 23 of the upcoming draft, which means that the trade in question could see the light of day very soon, depending on the feedback from the teams.

It should be remembered that Green seriously injured his knee in the last playoffs, and that barring a miracle, he should have a white season for the 2022/23 campaign:

The Sixers are exploring trades involving this pick (the number 23), as well as Danny Green, sources tell The Ringer.

The question being, what can be found in such a scenario? Usually teams wanting to get rid of a few contracts and rebuilding. Taking Green’s outgoing contract, which will receive 10 million next year, is therefore not a problem, as long as the choice 23 is associated. It’s obviously not the best pick in the world, but it’s a possibility of recruiting an interesting prospect for the future.

You can find a solid deal for this package. Teams that want to free up cap space or have bad contracts. They can get rid of it and recover Green in exchange, with a buyout. There are players like Luke Kennard, Davis Bertans, Jonathan Isaac, Eric Bledsoe, etc.

Everything suggests that the Sixers will also take action soon, in order to improve this roster. No mercy for Danny Green, heavily injured, who could therefore pay the price. Nevertheless, Daryl Morey is ready to do anything for the title. It’s a long summer that is shaping up in Philly, with a few surprises in store.

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