FINOM annonce son partenariat avec la legaltech française

FINOM announces its partnership with the French legaltech



FINOM, which already offered a whole range of financial services to its customers, including payment services, invoicing, automatic reminders, reconciliation, and in particular, the fastest capital deposit service on the French market, now relies on the French The latter offers a solution based on artificial intelligence allowing companies and self-employed people to centralize their legal documents, and thanks to the identification of their contractual data, to no longer miss any deadlines. allows its client companies to create their account, upload their contracts, let the solution classify them, identify key information and deadlines in order to set up reminders. The solution can handle any type of contract, from litigation to commercial contracts, without forgetting real estate, intellectual property, human resources, regulatory compliance, finance/insurance, or even corporate law.

“FINOM was born from the desire to spare our clients, freelancers and small businesses, the hassle and sometimes dramatic consequences of late payments. It is in the continuity of this support of the French and European entrepreneurial fabric that we have extended our offer by incorporating payment, invoicing, capital deposit services, and today, contract management. We are likely entering a period of recession which will require businesses to keep control over their cash flow and avoid careless spending. Sometimes identifying when to cancel an unnecessary subscription, taking steps to end a low-value commitment in time, can allow a business to survive through lean months. For this, we trust”, says Olivier Binet, DG France of FINOM.

“At Oblige, we are delighted to be on board with FINOM, a fintech that shares with us the core value of wanting to help businesses thrive through best practices. Each year, the lack of contract monitoring has an impact of 9% on the results of companies in France. However, faced with a possible recession, avoiding losing money in a dispute, a fine for non-compliance, an unnecessary subscription, or too expensive rent, becomes a priority. For this, relies on one of the fundamental aspects of the law: time. By helping our clients to meet contractual deadlines, we relieve them of expenses with low ROI and which weigh heavily on companies”, adds Me Quentin Lagier, lawyer and co-founder of

FINOM, present on the French, German and Italian markets, obtained an Electronic Money Institute license in November 2021 and wishes to leverage this acquisition to approach all European markets by 2025. The pan-European fintech has recently undertaken a redesign of its website to indicate an upgrade and expansion of its services.

About FINOM:
FINOM is an international start-up keen on innovation, it currently provides financial services in France, Germany and Italy. Its head office is based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Since its creation in 2019, FINOM has made it its mission to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and the self-employed, the real backbone of the European economy. FINOM is a 100% online B2B financial service, designed by entrepreneurs and freelancers for the benefit of entrepreneurs and freelancers. FINOM combines financial management, invoicing and banking operations. The start-up raised 16.8 million euros in investments during the year 2020. Its main investor, Target Global, is an international investment company headquartered in Berlin.

Oblige is a French start-up specializing in contract management for companies. Since its creation in 2020, Oblige has aimed to simplify the life of VSEs – SMEs and organizations without a legal department. Oblige helps them reduce the risks associated with contract management and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. Oblige is an online platform that combines artificial intelligence, security and privacy. The start-up offers a B2B service with the aim of saving its users time in monitoring their contracts in order to focus on tasks with real added value.


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