Express Mailing: the marketing partner for professionals

Express Mailing: the marketing partner for professionals



QWhether the activity falls within the scope of B2B or B2C, there are many tools to exploit this approach. Aware of the needs of many professionals, Carol Bove and Johann Keil decided to create Express Mailing in 2002. Since then, this complementary duo has been on all fronts.

Multi-channel solutions for effective prospecting

Express Mailing is first and foremost a direct marketing company. Its service offerings are numerous. Among them, we can find emailing, fax-mailing, sms-mailing and audio-mailing. To offer quality services, Express Mailing creates its own marketing tools with the pride of offering a 100% French solution. This in-house development is an effective way to meet specific needs, or even to create new tools when they are needed.

Currently, Express Mailing is working on a new concept: a single e-marketing platform, bringing together emailing campaigns and a CMS facilitating the creation of email campaigns. This platform, which will be intuitive and easy to use, can be integrated into the corporate cloud, directly or remotely, via an API or SMTP.

Services for all professionals

Express Mailing offers services adapted to all professions and all businesses. Its clientele is made up of craftsmen, freelancers, large accounts, institutions, VSEs and SMEs. But its services are also suitable for liberal professions such as lawyers, pharmacies or even doctors.

Confronted regularly with critical situations, they can count on the efficiency of Express Mailing tools. To provide them with a service of choice, the company’s team applies its principles on a daily basis: adaptability, listening and expertise.

Personalized support

But what really sets Express Mailing apart is its customer support and advice service. Indeed, it is not always easy to know how to make a mailing campaign. Quantity, object, message… there are many parameters to take into account and control. Express Mailing then becomes a marketing partner of choice for companies.

The company is absolutely keen to pass on best practices in this area to its customers. That’s why she created a training workshop to help entrepreneurs take control of their campaign. At the same time, Express Mailing employees are available by telephone to guide users, which today is a rare commodity. Express Mailing provides its customers with a training package on all types of tools. Among these, we will find the digital strategy: challenges, design of an email, quantity, recurrence… all points will be addressed.

A return to the source with fax mailing

For some time now, the trend has been downward in the quantities of emails sent. Today, quality is clearly favored in order to obtain convincing results. In addition, companies are returning to more traditional techniques.

We rarely think about it, but the fax is a very effective means of communication for marketing. With a zero risk of falling into spam, the messages are systematically received by the targets who will read them more easily, and will be able to keep them. This solution is, of course, to be coupled with classic emailing campaigns to obtain the best possible results.

For 20 years, Express Mailing has supported its customers in their marketing campaign, and adapts to all their needs. Innovative, responsive, the company has been able to establish itself on a model of global support for its customers through proactive listening and always adapted and rapid responses. Tailor-made services of rare quality, all accompanied by a sense of strategy that the company shares with its customers on a daily basis.

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