Avant son geste, LeBron a pu rejoindre... Steph Curry dans l'histoire ! NBA

“Even if they played together, LeBron and Steph Curry would lose to him”



LeBron James and Stephen Curry would form an absolutely formidable tandem, no doubt about it. however, a famous analyst thinks that in their respective primes, they would have had no chance against a current player… Unsurprisingly, the opinion was debated on social networks.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are each the face of the league, over the past 15 years. Between them, they have 8 championship titles, 6 regular season MVPs and 5 Finals MVPs. On top of that, they both changed the game in their own way and helped popularize the orange ball even more. However, that does not prevent them from having to deal with a horde of detractors on a daily basis, who do everything to put them down.

The best known of them is naturally Skip Bayless, who spends his time criticizing the two superstars on the set of Fox Sports and on Twitter, his favorite platform. Conversely, he is a huge fan of Kevin Durant and never hesitates to publicly display his love for the Nets winger. Recently, he hypothesized in front of his colleague Shannon Sharpe: if we had reversed the places of LBJ and KD during the Cavs-Warriors Finals in 2017 and 2018, the outcome would have been very different!

Kevin Durant too strong for LeBron and Curry?

Bayless : If you put KD with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, then it would create problems. They would be 5-6 less than now.

Sharpe : Wait, you mean LeBron at 32-33, with Steph, Klay and Dray in their prime couldn’t beat them?

Bayless : Exactly. It’s the same group that blew a 3-1 lead as Curry faded away.

Given his position in relation to the two Californian heavyweights, such an opinion is not really surprising coming from the journalist. Of course, we are talking about pure and hard science fiction and it is therefore impossible to say what the outcome of a duel like this would be… Nevertheless, the quartet formed by the King and the Big Three of the Dubs seems still be impassable. Internet users are of this opinion, those who have knocked out Skip in the comments:

When Skip has nothing tangible to say, he fabricates a hypothetical situation in order to troll professional athletes and keep his opinion “relevant”.

Skip Bayless is convinced that in their prime, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would have beaten the Warriors accompanied by LeBron James. Impossible to know if he is right or not, but the journalist is clearly not objective on this one.

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