Les deux superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, pourraient voir débarquer de nouveaux joueurs intéressants via le marché des buy-outs

“Even if the Lakers do this, it won’t change anything”



Before the resumption, the objective remains the same on the side of the Lakers: to improve this workforce with a major rookie. In the ideal scenario, Rob Pelinka manages to attract several players, but we can say that it started rather badly. Even if successful, are the Angelinos really more dangerous in the Western Conference? Not for this executive.

This is not the joy currently at the Lakers, who are coming out of a completely failed season, without the playoffs in the key. The franchise must absolutely react, but apart from a few recruits for the bench, we cannot say that the front office has managed to hit hard. However, it is not the desire that is missing, since Rob Pelinka negotiated with the Nets to recruit Kyrie Irving, then the Pacers for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. For now ? The outcome is the same, with no agreement found.

The negotiations are not moving forward, for various reasons. The offer for Kyrie does not make Brooklyn dream, which focuses in any case on the upcoming departure of Kevin Durant, which could also take time. The Irving soap opera is impacted, which forces the Purple and Gold to consider other options. This is where Hield and Turner could do some good in the City of Angels, but Indiana isn’t interested in the quid pro quo.

Inevitable outcome for the Lakers?

For this executive, who spoke to Bleacher Report, a visit would not change anything in Los Angeles. According to this person, the franchise won’t win the title no matter what happens:

What will Buddy and Turner change at the Lakers? 5% more to win the title? That might be enough to drop a first-round draft pick in the trade, but definitely not two.

Indeed, because even with the arrival of the two Pacers, no one knows if the Lakers will be able to dominate the West. The squad will be better, that’s for sure, but is it worth it? Remember that by dropping two first rounds, that of 2027 and 2029, the Angelinos are jeopardizing their future for the next 7/8 years. A considerable risk, which may explain Pelinka’s hesitation.

However, there is an interesting trade at the Lakers for this executive, who believes the Nets and Pacers should arrange a three-team trade with the Angelinos. This is the only way to get something interesting for the title:

If the Lakers manage to organize a joint trade with the Nets and the Pacers, by recovering Kyrie, Turner and Buddy, then it will be worth dropping a few first rounds of draft. But even if the Nets save money, Indiana gets two first-round draft picks, do these teams really want to help LeBron and the Lakers win the title?

An interesting debate on the Lakers, who know that their workforce must be improved for the title, but who cannot threaten their future either. The arrival of Kyrie Irving would be a plus, especially compared to Russell Westbrook, but the competition is strong in the West. A real dilemma for Rob Pelinka, more than ever under pressure.

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