NBA Donovan Mitchell aux Knicks ?

Evan Fournier against Donovan Mitchell, the proposed package revealed!



After the signing of Jalen Brunson as a free agent, the Knicks hope to complete the arrival of Donovan Mitchell quickly. For this, they would have already sent several offers to the Jazz, including one which includes in particular… Evan Fournier!

After a 2020-21 season placed under the sign of hope, all the ambient enthusiasm gave way to a big disappointment in the streets of New York. The Knicks were indeed unable to ride the good momentum born two years ago, and resumed their bad habits by missing the playoffs. However, there is no question of languishing in a new long and painful reconstruction.

While their Nets neighbors have to deal with the possible departures of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, they have been active mainly on the arrivals side since the beginning of the summer. Their first major move, namely the signing of Jalen Brunson, laid the groundwork for their offseason. An even more important file could even be concluded in the coming weeks, namely that of Donovan Mitchell.

Evan Fournier, bargaining chip in the Mitchell deal?

According to the well-informed Shams Charania, negotiations would still take place between Knicks and Jazz regarding Mitchell:

According to sources, the Jazz and the Knicks are in discussions about a trade that would send Donovan Mitchell to New York. A deal is not yet considered imminent, but the Knicks are determined to acquire Mitchell and have offered new packages to Utah’s new front office led by Danny Ainge.

Better yet, the insider of The Athletic was able to reveal the nature of one of the New York offers, including among others… Evan Fournier!

League sources tell Tony Jones and I that New York made a recent offer consisting of Evan Fournier, Obi Toppin, other salaries and two unprotected first-round picks (five total). The price set by the Jazz is much higher than that.

In other words, the NY front office will have to further expand its package if it hopes to quickly get its hands on Spida. However, not sure he wants to access to the gargantuan demands of Utah. In any case, one thing seems certain: Leon Rose and his assistants would not spit on a departure from Fournier, whose large salary makes him an almost essential asset in negotiations.

At the same time, the Knicks are also going to have to come to an internal agreement as to which of their players can be part of this trade. Tom Thibodeau, for example, would have an astonishing point of view on this subject, certainly not shared by his superiors. As Shams reminds us well, a resolution is therefore not ready to intervene in this soap opera!

Still in pursuit of Donovan Mitchell, the Knicks multiply the offers to sell the Jazz, without success. Evan Fournier would do well to ask Rudy Gobert about Salt Lake City for next season!

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