Europe-USA : les pays occidentaux dans le déni, le chaos puis l'action

Europe-USA : les pays occidentaux dans le déni, le chaos puis l’action, Gestion de la Covid : avantage aux démocraties



Ignition delay. Nobody imagined that the images coming from China, at the end of 2019, could reproduce themselves in the West. And yet. A few weeks later, Italy in turn sank into crisis. Here again, Europe found reasons for doing almost nothing. The Italian hospital structures are not at the level of those existing in France, liked to repeat on the television sets the laying of the hexagonal medical circles.

This was to forget that northern Italy is as well equipped, or even better, than its transalpine neighbour… France was therefore in turn caught up in the epidemic in the winter of 2020 and soon completely overwhelmed. Chinese and Italian images were followed by those made in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) where the installation, in mid-March, of a field hospital in the parking lot of the Emile-Muller hospital establishment, seemed like a bottle thrown into the sea. Germany, Belgium…, all the countries of Europe were in turn hit and swept away by the pandemic. Generalized confinements, deconfinements, reconfinements, but above all mass vaccination, sanitary passes, massive deliveries of masks and hydroalcoholic gel – largely provided free of charge by private companies to their employees – made it possible to raise their heads and decongest the economies which experienced despite everything the worst peacetime recession of any era.

Superiority complex

Donald Trump’s America then mocked the Old Continent, which was panicking over a simple… little flu. He contracted the virus himself. His hospitalization, one month before the presidential election, his express treatment and his equally rapid recovery were staged as the victory of a champion by K.-O. against disease. A few weeks later, the number of deaths in the United States would silence the Americans most critical of Europe.

The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the presidential election in the United States. Before American soil was hit, the Republican president was given a winner because the economy was resisting: strong growth, contained inflation and the lowest unemployment rate. When the economy crashed, the polls wavered.

The change in health policy was radical with the arrival of the Democratic candidate for the White House. Joe Biden, barely elected president, tackled the pandemic. It was not easy so much a part of America was attached to its freedom. The Supreme Court had thus canceled an obligation of vaccines and tests that Washington wanted to impose on companies. Above all, the Democrat declared victory a little early.

Relieved to see a lull favored by vaccination campaigns, he announced on National Day, July 4, 2021, the ” independence of the United States in the face of the virus. It was quickly contradicted by the Delta and Omicron waves. At the start of 2022, at the peak of the epidemic, the number of contaminations (over seven days) exceeded 800,000 deaths. A figure to put into perspective, however, compared to the American population of nearly 330 million, or 0.24% (0.54% for France).

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