Espot quartiers centre Paris, proximité Louvre Samaritaine.

Espot wants to set up in major French cities, Marketing and Sales



In this room extending in length and with bluish lights, a slew of teenagers, installed side by side, click and strum studiously on their PC keyboard, in the middle of a game of “Valorant”, “ Fortnite”, or even “League of Legends”. For a little over a year, many of them have succeeded spot which has its quarters in the very center of Paris; a vast place of 2,000 m2, spread over three floors, located near the Louvre and the Samaritaine.

“We are launching the brand and this place is our flagship. We really wanted to create a “wow” effect”, underlines Robin Leprouxco-founder of Espot with his partner ​Aaron Buckstein. “We had the idea five years ago. As a player, it was the type of place that I missed. When you bond with people you’ve been playing the same game with online for months, you want to get together and this is the right place for that. We wanted to make it a paradise for players but also a place for families and the general public ”, specifies this former number two of M6 and who was also president of PSG.

In all, Espot carried out 5 million works to equip and personalize the place. The group has also forged links with PlayStation, Renault, Intel, Logitech and Red Bull. Five partners who are there as sponsors and also donate equipment. Espot can thus boast of having a fleet of nearly seventy PlayStation 5s. of the global shortage of semiconductors.

A balanced activity

“The average ticket for individuals is 12 euros. They usually come to play for two hours, ”explains Robin Leproux. “We see more and more people coming in the early evening after work during the week.” Today, more than 70,000 people have opened a customer account with Espot, the company claims. A figure that does not include all those who have also visited the premises through private parties or “team building” operations organized by the companies within it.

In terms of revenues, two thirds of the activity is supplied by the professional market segment. “But it is the “B to C” activity which is the very heart of this place and makes our reputation”, explains Robin Leproux. During the first five months of operation last year, Espot had generated a little over one million euros in turnover and is now said to be in balance.

Espot also has a control room, a TV studio and 150 seats on retractable bleachers. This allowed him to organize concerts, e-sport tournaments (professional or amateur) with the public but also to rent the space to brands for promotional shootings. “It’s the type of place for” gamers “which is lacking in cities around the world”, says Robin Leproux who hopes to be able to validate his concept in Paris before deploying it in France and internationally.

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