Employment in French Tech: here are 5 fintechs looking for their future recruits



For readers of Les Echos START, our partner France Digitale* offers a monthly selection of digital nuggets that are recruiting. This time, head for finance start-ups (payment, accounting, real estate, financing, etc.). On this occasion, the association publishes a toolbox for financial directors, investors and all curious people interested in finance in tech.

iBanFirst, the specialist in international payments

Did you say iBanFirst? The company supports SMEs and ETIs in their international development by simplifying the management of their multi-currency transactions. By combining technological innovation and foreign exchange market expertise, iBanFirst enables financial teams to send and receive payments in more than 30 currencies while regaining control of their exposure to foreign exchange risk.

DNA : Fintech bases its corporate culture on the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to excel and team spirit. It seeks passionate and curious employees, driven by a taste for challenge and the quest for excellence.

Health : Since its creation in Paris in 2013 iBanFirst has raised more than 46 million euros from major European venture capital funds such as Elaia and bpifrance Large Venture and recently signed a development capital agreement with the Californian private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners to continue its growth trajectory. Present today in eight countries, iBanFirst claims “thousands of Corporate customers” in the entire Europe.

Number of employees : More than 250.

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 150 in 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Salespeople (development manager, Forex sales manager, account managers), Tech profiles (developers, quality assurance engineers) and also profiles to strengthen its support teams (cybersecurity, data, compliance, marketing, finance). The company is looking for both junior and senior profiles depending on roles and teams.

Recruitment process : An initial telephone interview with a recruiter, then two to three interviews (including a technical test depending on the position) with the managers/teams.

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Pretto, the online broker

Did you say Pretto? Created five years ago, Pretto is a fintech that wants to make the search for real estate credit simple, efficient and fair. As an online real estate broker, she supports her clients in their real estate project by finding them the best loan.

DNA : Their values: requirement, responsibility, humility and benevolence. The company intends to cultivate a positive atmosphere and a real team spirit, with a culture based on rituals and feedback. It also allows its employees to grow with the Pretto Academy, which offers training.

Health : At the end of January, the start-up announced a fundraising of 30 million euros (Series B). It now finances 1 billion euros of credit per year (compared to 1 billion over the first four years). 150,000 customers have been supported.

Number of employees : 170.

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 30 open positions this month. Around 180 recruitments planned for 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Commercial, tech, lawyer, accountant…

Recruitment process : A 30-minute prequalification call with one of the recruitment managers, followed by an interview with the direct manager, then an interview with another manager (with a practical case) and a final call with one of the members of the comex.

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Pennylane, the friend of chartered accountants and managers

Did you say Pennylane? It is a platform that brings together production software for accountants and a financial management tool for their clients. Pennylane centralizes companies’ financial flows in real time and streamlines collaboration between managers and their accountant. The goal? Enable the former to make the best financial decisions and the latter to focus on their advisory role. Launched in 2020, Pennylane already supports several hundred accounting firms and thousands of business leaders.

DNA : The values ​​of the company are found in the support for SMEs, the desire to be a “community of builders” (focus on the impact and have hands in the operational), while centering the collaboration on trust. Employees can work in the Paris offices, at home, or anywhere else.

Health : On January 31, 2022, the start-up announced that it had completed a series B of 50 million euros with Sequoia Capital and its historical investors Global Founders Capital and Partech. With 84 million euros raised since its creation in 2020, Pennylane invests above all in the development of its platform. In six months, more than 300 accounting firms and ” several thousands “ VSEs/SMEs use their solution.

Number of employees : 200.

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 90 positions in the first half, 275 in 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Accountants with a tech appetite, developers, product managers, data engineers, analysts, marketing product managers…

Recruitment process : It takes place in four stages. A first interview with a recruiter, then a personality interview with the manager, followed by a case study with the manager or a member of the team, and finally a “cultural fit” interview with a founder or a member of the Executive Committee.

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Alma, the split payment fintech

Did you say Alma? This start-up born in 2017 offers split and deferred payment to European merchants, which allows them to increase their sales by 20% on average thanks to payment facilities.

DNA : Its values ​​are based on the impact (choose ” thoroughly “ where they invest their time), humility, trust, integrity (working with money that doesn’t belong to them) and altruism (caring about each other).

Health : The company has grown from 0 to 6,000 merchants in three years, and from 0 to 200 employees. It opens one country per month, has raised nearly 200 million euros and claims more than 1 billion euros in transactions per year.

Number of employees : 200.

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 300 recruitments in 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Software engineers, engineering director, sales people, customer success manager, customer service manager, operations manager…

Recruitment process : A call with the HR team, another with a member of the operational team, a business case with a debriefing call, then a call with the manager.

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Silvr, the start-up that finances start-ups

Did you say Silvr? The company is reinventing financing for digital companies thanks to “Revenue Based Financing”. Concretely, Silvr allows digital companies (SaaS, e-commerce, etc.) to access part of their future turnover in less than 24 hours. Result: entrepreneurs find financing more easily without necessarily opening up their capital to investors.

DNA : Silvr bases its corporate culture around trust, autonomy, passion for entrepreneurial subjects and tech.

Health : The start-up raised 130 million euros in February 2022 from XAnge, Otium Capital, BPI France, ISAI and Eurazeo. More than a hundred companies have been financed by Silvr in one year, such as Poiscaille, Partoo, Cuure or Pixpay.

Number of employees : 30.

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 40 this month, 120 in 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Marketing, growth, sales, investment analyst, operations analyst, risk analyst, finance, tech and product, HR, office. From junior level (out of school) to senior and experienced.

Recruitment process : An exchange with a recruitment manager, an exchange with the future manager, a practical case on site or at home followed by a restitution with the manager, a meeting with the team and a co-founder.

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To note

* France Digitale is an association created in 2012, made up of 2,000 digital members (entrepreneurs and investors), and promotes the development of start-ups in France and abroad.

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