Emmanuel Tedesco & Ouriel Hodara (Incognito Boss) of Yogurt Factory

Emmanuel Tedesco & Ouriel Hodara (Incognito Boss) of Yogurt Factory



In 2011, Ouriel Hodara and Emmanuel Tedesco launched their first Yogurt Factory store, after having just graduated from HEC. Today, they are at the head of the number 1 yogurt ice cream brand in France. This Monday, August 1, at 9:10 p.m., on M6, they will be at the heart of the Patron Incognito show. Zoom on their journey!

Ouriel Hodara and Emmanuel Tedesco have taken on the new challenge of meeting Yogurt Factory employees through the Patron Incognito program. The number one yogurt ice cream brand is present everywhere in France, from north to south, passing through the capital. Today, it has 65 stores and employs 300 people. Their strong point? Make sure to sell fun, healthy products, with a touch of gluttony and good humor.

This concept of frozen yogurt was initially born in the United States, a country where yogurt ice cream was a big hit. For the first time in the history of the show Patron incognito, two bosses are the main guests and will discover behind the scenes of the operation of their business in the South West and in Le Havre.

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The journey of Emmanuel Tedesco, co-founder Yogurt Factory, before Patron Incognito

Emmanuel Tedesco joined HEC in 2007, after two years of preparatory class. He completed a Master of Science (MSc) in marketing. He was also heavily involved in the school’s community life and held the position of vice-president of the school’s oenology association, Grand Cru, and was a member of the junior company, HEC Junior Consulting.

Before launching his own project in 2011, he was part of the strategy and development department of Clear Channel France for six months. Following this experience, he joined Inter Parfum as Product Manager for seven months.

Emmanuel Tedesco comes from a family of entrepreneurs. It was therefore obvious to him that a career in finance or consulting was not for him. He explains, speaking of his partner and himself: “It quickly became clear to both of us that we did not want to go into a consulting or mergers and acquisitions firm, like a good part of our classmates at HEC. We both had the desire to undertake and take our destiny into our own hands. We discovered frozen yogurt during our gap year abroad and we really liked the product. »

Today, Emmanuel Tedesco is at the head of Yogurt Factory, one of the fastest growing companies in France, according to Les Echos de la Croissance, and one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times.

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The story ofOuriel Hodara, the other co-founder Yogurt Factory

Ouriel Hodara graduated from HEC Paris in 2012. He met his partner, Emmanuel Tedesco, during their experience at the school’s Junior Enterprise. They then both shared their desire to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. They discovered the concept of frozen yogurt in the United States during their gap year.

Ouriel Hodara worked as a Junior Analyst within Galileo and held the position of Marketing Coordinator at Microsoft, a position he held for only 10 months before devoting himself to his own project, that of launching a brand of Frozen Yogurt 0% to garnish at will: Yogurt Factory.

“We decided to differentiate ourselves from most of the players on this market who highlight the dietary and healthy side of frozen yogurt compared to ice cream. At Yogurt Factory, we want to offer healthy products, while being tasty and fun, with a wide variety of toppings to add to your 0% yogurt,”explains the co-founder to Digitalisations. Their primary objective is “to make people smile and provide a moment of pleasure. »

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Yogurt Factory: Where will the Patron Incognito immersions take place?

The duo of entrepreneurs will go to the South-West in Soulac-sur-Mer, in a shop opened recently. On the show Patron Incognito, Ouriel Hodara will try to pass himself off as David, a seasonal worker who has just been trained at this Yogurt Factory point of sale, by Brian, 24, assistant to the store manager with a strong character, who will be very hard on his trainee.

The second immersion will take place in Le Havre. The two founders of Yogurt Factory are going to discover how a particular point of sale works: the one and only foodtruck in the chain. Patron Incognito’s last immersion will take place in Albi, in a shop that opened just two months ago. The objective of this new point of sale is to make itself known and impose its presence in the face of tough competition.

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Yogurt Factory: Challenges & development

Yogurt Factory is the French leader in the frozen yogurt market in France. The company has more than 65 points of sale and aims to pass the 100 unit mark. It is present in Belgium and Luxembourg. Emmanuel Tedesco and Ouriel Hodara’s concept is simple. They have taken one of the great classics of our everyday diet, yogurt, and rejuvenated it, refreshed it, to make yogurt ice cream. The specificity of this concept? 0% fat with a 100% gourmet recipe on which each person has the right to add, as they wish, fillings (toppings). On the menu: fresh fruit, cereals, coulis or biscuits of all kinds. Their yogurt ice cream was voted best ice cream of the year 2020 and 2021.

Yogurt Factory however faces a lot of challenges, as the frozen yogurt market remains very complicated in France. No brand has yet succeeded in establishing itself on the market. Major foreign brands did not last long in the territory. The human challenge is also fundamental insofar as success depends on the quality of the welcome and the teams in the field, in a sector where turnover is high. This is why Emmanuel Tedesco and Ouriel Houdara decided to participate in Patron Incognito.

Another issue facing the company is real estate. It is important to find strategic locations with lots of flow. Finally, as the product is seasonal (in the city centre), it is crucial to ensure good cash management.

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