Rudy Gobert et Joel Embiid

Embiid in the French team, the statement that makes people talk about Gobert



Naturalized French, Joel Embiid will soon be able to play for the French basketball team, alongside Rudy Gobert and company. We still have to be patient, but there is no longer any doubt that the star of the Sixers will be eligible, especially for the 2024 Olympics. What will delight the Blues? Partially. If Vincent Collet already approves, the pivot of Wolves is more on restraint.

New Wolves player Rudy Gobert will experience a busy end to the summer before joining Karl-Anthony Towns and his other teammates in Minnesota. The preparation of the Blues for Euro 2022, which will take place in early September, has already begun. The kingpin will play a big part in this, since he is obviously aiming for gold, and nothing else. A goal that is largely achievable, especially in the future, with the possible arrival of Joel Embiid.

The star player of the Sixers is French. He obtained his naturalization at the beginning of the month, but must still obtain some important papers so that Vincent Collet calls him within his team. Should the coach still be open to this idea, and saw his statement, we can say that it is already acquired. There is no doubt that Embiid will be a Blue very soon, which does not delight everyone.

Rudy Gobert on detention on the Joel Embiid file

The player’s talent is obviously not in question, but there are other questions. Will he be able to get along with Rudy on a parquet floor? His future duo with KAT at Wolves should provide some answers. In the meantime, the former Jazz player spoke about the probable arrival of Joel en Bleu. If Gobzilla is not against, he issues some reservations in the columns of Figaro.

He’s an incredible player… Afterwards, there are a lot of things that we have to think about in terms of logistics and above all, that it’s possible. It’s clear that Joel is a unique player. We have an already well-knit team and a group that lives well together too… It is clear that we have to see how it could work for the group.

Remember that Embiid only needs a Fiba license and a passport to join Gobert in the Blue jersey.

However, Rudy is not necessarily ecstatic in front of this news. Embiid in the roster? Talent is not a problem, but we will have to make sure that everyone agrees with this choice. We can understand it, because it is not a question of disturbing the spirit of the group with the probable arrival of the Sixer. But if no one has an objection, then we imagine that Collet will call Joel without any problem.

In the meantime, and to reassure Gobert fans, the Frenchman is doing a little better after a small knee problem. He reassured about his state of health, still in Le Figaro:

It had been since the play-offs that I had not opposed. I have a lot of individual work, physical work, and I had a little knee pain at the end of the season. In the next few days, I will do the workouts thoroughly.

Barring an accident, Joel Embiid will play for the Blues. It remains to be seen whether it will be necessary to wait until 2023, or 2024 for the Olympic Games. The addition is great from a basketball point of view, even if for Rudy Gobert, it must not ruin the collective. Understandable for the pivot.

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