Les dirigeants de club ont été attentifs et intéressés par les échanges lors de l’AG de l’Office Municipal des Sports.

Elbeuf : L’Office Municipal des Sports veut aider « à la démocratisation de la pratique sportive »


Club leaders were attentive and interested in the exchanges during the AG of the Municipal Sports Office.
Club leaders were attentive and interested in the exchanges during the AG of the Municipal Sports Office. (©Le Journal d’Elbeuf)

It was Béatrice Lefel, first assistant who hosted the association, essential in the animation of the City. The elected thanked all those who, through their commitment, “help to democratize the practice of sport”. She returned to the city’s obtaining of the Terres de Jeux 2024 label, a label “which requires being dynamic and all municipal services will be involved to give visibility to local actions and projects”.

The Sport and Health house soon to be operational

The president of the WHO, Barbara Dubourg returned to the law of March 2, 2022, a law which aims to practice sport by as many people as possible. This larger number includes patients suffering from a long-term illness with an offer of adapted sports activities.

The parliamentarians extended “the prescription of healthy sport to chronic diseases or to people with risk factors or loss of autonomy”. Prescription sport may also concern “high blood pressure, obesity or depression”.
Amendments by senators provided, among other things, for the recognition in the law of “Sport-Health Houses”, launched in 2019.

This is where the WHO intervened which, with the City and several partners, in particular Medico-Social, “worked” on the Elbeuvienne structure soon to be in place.
Moreover, for this purpose, a coordinator has been recruited to support and grow this “MMS” house, which will have a major role to play in the development of sport and the protection of health. Camille Vesin’s main mission will be to: publicize the MMS system, through communication, awareness and development actions.

Reoccupy the land

If the health provisions have put a stop to the WHO’s well-established activities, 2021 has seen the timid return of demonstrations. The Parcours du Cœur in connected form, the Téléthon and Elbeuf-sur-Fête were still able to attract light. Sport Handicap, in the spirit of sport for all, was honoured, thanks to the presence of Michaël Jeremiasz, gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in wheelchair tennis. Note that Michaël is a brand new tennis consultant for France Télévisions.
Animations were carried out by the city and the WHO in certain schools of the City. The Daudet school was able to get to know the basketball player Emilie Gomis, Olympic vice-champion in London in 2012 and who may have aroused vocations.

Popular sports equipment

It should be noted that the Emilie Le Pennec Gym, the Cerisaie Gym and the Declais-Trioulaire Boxing Hall have been selected thanks to the Terre de Jeux 2024 label as rear bases to welcome foreign Olympic and Paralympic delegations wishing to prepare not far from Paris. .

At the same time, there will also be, on the part of the municipal services and the WHO, educational work involving the schools of the City and which will revolve around the values ​​of Olympism. The work carried out during this GA showed the seriousness and rigor in the management of the association to the 3,495 members. Finally, two pillars of the association have decided to hand over. Frédéric Plé vice-president, almost 30 years of presence and Eric Bylik the treasurer since 2001.

Videos: currently on Actu

At the very end of AG Karim Si Salem, a company manager came to present a web and mobile application intended to facilitate the task of managers when registering at the start of the season. Online registration and payment by members will be possible.
The clubs present generally showed interest and we will have the opportunity to talk about this provision again.

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