Editorial strategy: Focus on Google Discover

Editorial strategy: Focus on Google Discover



On September 22 and 23, 2022, the 14th SEO Camp edition. More than fifty experts were able to deliver their knowledge during conferences lasting around thirty minutes in the Congress halls of Versailles. Previously organized in Seine-Saint-Denis, the event has evolved and is now open to a larger community. Subjects such as the Black-Hat with the conference of Alan Cladx “What Blackhat strategies are the big brands using? or the automation of editorial work with “Automation and SEO: in search of the Holy Grail” by Paul Sanches have been addressed; enough to think about new strategies.

During the conference “Google News and Discover without means, but with method” Clement Pessaux gives us all the techniques to tame the new algorithm developed by the Internet giant. Here are the lessons that emerged.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a service available through the Google app on iOS and Android. It allows Internet users to have access to content adapted to their interests and needs on mobile. Contrary to Google News which only broadcasts hot news content, Google Discover also offers cold contentlike the tips and guides.

In order to properly segment the content present on Google, the algorithm thematizes the interests of users, and affixes tags to each content consulted. Internet users are in a way subscribed to their centers of interest, as if the search engine were managing their favourites.

It is also possible for users to mark content as uninteresting in order to refine the proposals made to them.

The human is at the heart of the algorithm. It is the Internet users who validate the content and not Google. To understand how the algorithm works, the objective is therefore to know and understand your audience.

The advantage of appearing on Google Discover

The algorithm is, for the Internet user, an opportunity to have a personalized search experience. Google Discover therefore adapts to each user.

Google Discover also represents an opportunity toincrease visibility of a site. Indeed, when the content of a web page appears on Discover, it means that it corresponds to the interests of the Internet user. There is therefore a greater chance of seeing traffic increase since the audience corresponds to the themes addressed.

According Clement Pessaux, Google Discover will also offer a product catalog in the eyes of users in a few years. It will therefore be an extremely important lever for the development of online strategies.

How to adapt a site to Google Discover: technical and editorial strategy

The impact of Google Discover on traffic is great. It therefore deserves special attention.

Here are the key practices for a editorial strategy Discover to succeed:

  • Analyze articles on Discover: to understand how the algorithm works, which changes regularly, it is advisable to regularly check on Discover what content comes up on strategic keywords;
  • Investigate the interests of the audience: to write attractive content for the user;
  • Keep the same themes : you have to be consistent with the themes already covered on the site so as not to lose the audience;
  • Write from another editorial angle: rewrite not working on Google Discover. It is therefore necessary to rework the editorial angle of the content. It is about writing on the same subject but from an original point of view. It is therefore necessary to analyze the competition well in order to create content addressing an aspect of the subject that has never been or has been little covered;
  • The titles : choose titles that correspond to the content of the articles and not titles to increase the click-through rate;
  • Content length: there is no need for an article that is too long (600 words maximum). The content must be simple, coherent and impactful;
  • The publication of content : you have to publish regularly and intelligently according to events and news. It is not necessary to publish all the contents at the same time The good practice to adopt would be, for example, a rate of publication of one article per hour;
  • Have a mobile-friendly site : the navigation of the site must be adapted to the experience on the telephone;
  • Site speed : page loading time is one of the most important points;
  • The technique : install a push system, put content on RSS feed sites and create a sitemap and a “news” category.

L’Discover algorithm constantly evolving. Positioning yourself on Google Discover therefore requires attention and perseverance. Therefore, it is important to find subjects on less competitive themes to cultivate the interest of the audience.

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