Les pressions économiques incitent les entreprises à mieux préparer leur introduction en bourse

Economic pressures prompt companies to better prepare for IPOs



A new study from Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP), a leader in Business Spend Management (BSM), reveals that despite today’s volatile economy, inadequate financial systems and processes are preventing companies from growing at scale.

Nearly 75% of companies agree that their financial processes are not strong and scalable enough to support their growth plans. Due to concerns about the current rise in interest rates (according to 32% of companies), supply chain shortages (27%), stock market volatility (29%) and inflation ( 32%), 79% of companies are now putting the brakes on their growth projects and thus deciding to postpone their IPO.

“Big growth periods, such as those preceding an IPO, are a real source of stress for any business,” said Tony Tiscornia, Chief Financial Officer at Coupa. “Furthermore, the current situation is not helping matters. Finance teams can be pillars to hold on to in these difficult times, providing real-time transparency to facilitate decisions and working to build processes and put technology in place to support project progress. . »

Digital transformation, the solution to eliminate manual processes that slow down operations

High-growth companies need to have a clear picture of their cash and compliance position, critical for those contemplating an IPO and for those more focused on margins as macro pressures intensify . The results of the Coupa study, however, indicate that manual processes and siled data are barriers here:

● 61% of companies use manual processes for managing purchases, 60% for managing suppliers, 57% for managing cash, 43% for invoicing and 39% for payments.
● Only 32% of respondents are able to know their exact cash balance, 80% need to connect to multiple systems to do this and 43% say it takes them at least several days to find the information they need .
● 71% of respondents are not completely sure that they can produce auditable financial information for the last 2 to 3 years, nor auditable reports on the markets in which their company operates on a quarterly basis (65%).

Finance managers for an optimized preparation for the IPO

The study also reveals that finance teams want to improve their processes to support their company’s growth ambitions:

● 89% want to improve risk management processes and controls to mitigate financial risks that could impede growth.
● 71% are still building their team of experienced financial experts.
● 70% want to strengthen financial controls to protect future shareholders and prevent fraud.

“Whatever a company’s plans for growth, whether it’s an IPO, M&A or fundraising, it will need a holistic BSM approach that This will provide them with a single source of information giving Finance teams complete visibility and control,” adds Tony Tiscornia. “For companies that have had to delay their IPO, now is the time to complete the digital transformation of their back-office functions. This will allow them to build confidence in financial operations and compliance prior to IPO, as well as alleviate the stresses of running a listed company. »

Coupa has helped many high-growth companies, such as Uber and Slack, as they prepare for IPOs.

The survey was conducted among more than 550 Finance decision-makers from companies with a turnover of at least $100 million in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Interviews were conducted online by Sapio Research in May 2022.

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