Le prodige français de la LDLC Asvel, Victor Wembanyama, futur joueur NBA, a posé dans une photo virale avec une star française

Earthquake coming for Victor Wembanyama?!



Before fulfilling the destiny promised to him and joining the NBA, Victor Wembanyama must wait another year on the European continent. Quite seismically, the great French hope is considering the possibility of making a big decision in the coming days, which could change everything for him.. At least that’s what the team tells us…

Well established on the side of Nanterre, which he had joined at only 10 years old, he had nevertheless decided to leave this cocoon to continue his rapid development. At the end of his first successful season as a professional, Victor Wembanyama immediately wanted to take a big step. Destined for the heights, and of course for the NBA, the great French hope thus joined ASVEL.

On site, the young 18-year-old was able to discover the intensity of one of, if not the biggest club in Betclic ELITE, as well as that of the EuroLeague. Still impressive at this level despite numerous injuries, he still has two years of contract with the Villeurbannaise team to grow a little more. However, he could well choose to change air in the coming days!

End clap for Victor Wembanyama at ASVEL?

According to information from The Team, Wembanyama would have an exit clause that would allow him to leave ASVEL this summer, which can be activated until June 26. This would not allow him to join the NBA, which will have to wait until 2023, but another French or European club. And according to the French sports daily, the nugget is trying to activate it to leave Lyon after only a year on the side of the capital of Gaul. Several large stables would be in line to welcome him, including a tricolor!

And if the hypothesis of a departure is confirmed? Many foreign clubs would then advance their pawns. But several sources confirm that one of the serious candidates would be Paris Basketball.

A return to Île-de-France could make sense for the native of Chesnay, in the Yvelines, at least on an emotional level. On the other hand, from a sporting point of view, such a move would be more controversial.

Just 15th in the championship this season (13-21), Paris Basket is still far from the level of ASVEL, which will start its final against Monaco this Wednesday. Likewise, the capital club is pushing for a place in the Eurocup next season, but has not yet received any guarantees on this point. So much data to take into account in the career of a prospect as closely watched as Wembanyama.

Of course, the young inner could also opt for a whole new adventure abroad, where several teams would welcome him for even a few months before letting him take flight. Tony Parker may in any case fear losing his main talent, which may possibly justify his recent rave statement about him.

A year and then goes for Victor Wembanyama at ASVEL? The possibility exists seriously, and could benefit the ambitious project of Paris Basketball. This file will therefore be monitored very, very closely in the coming days…

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