La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a fait l'objet de grosses révélations concernant son isolement progressif dans le vestiaire de la franchise cette saison

Earthquake coming for Russell Westbrook? The strong decision of the Lakers!



This Friday evening, the Lakers play their last game of the preseason, against the Kings. A meeting without great importance, even if Darvin Ham has just made an important decision. Russell Westbrook will indeed change positions in the City of Angels, to everyone’s surprise. A small revolution for the Angelinos.

A few days before the resumption, it is never too late to make significant changes in its workforce. The Lakers coach seems to have definitely understood this. As the Angelinos play the last game of their pre-season this Friday evening, against the Kings, Russell Westbrook will discover a new role according to information from Adrian Wojnarowski. A real surprise out of nowhere.

New role for Russell Westbrook at the Lakers!

As some insiders have confirmed over the weeks, getting Brodie off the bench has always been an option. Everything will depend on his agreement with Dennis Schroder and Patrick Beverley. We don’t know if it’s final yet, but Ham decided to give this lineup a chance. When facing Sacramento, Westbrook will come off the bench, and will therefore not be in the starting 5.

The Lakers have planned to bring Russell Westbrook off the bench for the final preseason game against the Kings tonight. Darvin Ham and Russell Westbrook have discussed allowing him to lead the second unit and they will give it a try tonight.

As you have understood, this role is not definitive. If Westbrook does not find his bearings in the second unit, Ham will quickly allow him to find a role in the starting 5. This meeting against the Kings therefore takes a very interesting turn.

In a second tweet a few minutes later, Woj explains the expectations of the Lakers in this role for their All-Star:

There is hope that Westbrook will play freer and faster with the ball in his hands in this second unit – and worry less about how to position himself away from the ball in the 5 departure. It’s an idea that will continue to be discussed with the start of the regular season next week.

A real test against the Kings for Russell Westbrook. In the second unit, away from LeBron James and company, the Lakers hope that the point guard will be more relaxed as a leader. This situation could last depending on the player’s performance, as well as his adaptation to such a role. This 2022/23 campaign promises to be special for Brodie.

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