Earthquake coming for Kevin Durant?  Woj drops a huge bomb!

Earthquake coming for Kevin Durant? Woj drops a huge bomb!



While free agency hasn’t opened yet, the Nets are already struggling with Kyrie Irving’s contract extension. The leader wants a long-term deal, and tries to put pressure to get what he wants. Signing for the Lakers? No, the danger is actually for Kevin Durant. No doubt the winger is not happy with this drama.

The Nets are already in a very uncomfortable position after a completely failed season. The front office must find a way to extend Kyrie Irving, who obviously wants a long-term contract in the Big Apple, which the leaders are currently refusing. Adrian Wojnarowski has just given an update on this soap opera:

The organization clearly wants Irving on a fairly short deal, regardless of whether he has to accept his 36 million player option in 2022/23, or perhaps a two-year deal instead.

Remember that at this moment, Kyrie has until the end of June to make her decision. Worst-case scenario, he could be a free agent and sign somewhere else.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving’s best weapon?

It would be catastrophic for the Nets, even if the franchise refuses to give in just yet. In question ? A deal is still possible, and Kyrie’s preference remains to strike a deal according to Woj. However, he could use Kevin Durant to get what he wants. As the ESPN insider explains, number 7 is the best possible leverage in the Big Apple.

Kyrie Irving will find no means of pressure by threatening to refuse his player option, to give up 30 million dollars, all that to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. No, the best means of pressure is with Kevin Durant: Irving leaves, KD asks for his trade.

The two players came to play together in Brooklyn. If Kyrie leaves, we can easily imagine KD in turn asking for his trade. A fact that does not deceive? Unlike other summers, the former Warrior isn’t talking to free agents, convincing them to join the Nets.

Obviously, Durant isn’t as involved as usual. Weariness? A lack of investment? Regardless, the Nets will clearly have a hard time recruiting this summer this way. Some teams have understood according to Woj, who explains that suitors are already preparing to recruit Kyrie… to enlist Durantula in stride.

There are teams that want Irving to give up his option, to leave the Nets immediately. According to them, this would be an opportunity to set up a package to recruit Durant. But even if the player wants to leave and drop the Nets, he still has 4 years of contract. Which means that it will have no impact on its future destination.

Kevin Durant on the start? In the event that Kyrie Irving decides to leave, we can be sure that Durantula will imagine himself elsewhere. Teams are already ready to take action, but we will have to be patient. More than ever, the Nets are under pressure to retain Uncle Drew, or the entire franchise could fall apart.

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