E-mail to support an application for a work-study program, an internship or a job.

E-mail to support an application for a work-study program, an internship or a job.



Paying attention to the e-mail that accompanies an application for an internship, a work-study program or a job is essential if you hope to get the job. It is a guarantee of seriousness with the recruiter. What information must be included in your application email? We take stock.

Why take care of your application support email?

With the development of job sites, it is very common to apply for an internship, work-study or job offer via e-mail. This application cover email will therefore constitute your first contact with the recruiter and it is essential to take good care of its content. Indeed, recruiters will receive dozens, even hundreds of emails. You will need to include certain essential information, but also highlight your motivation and skills. The style should be very concise, dynamic and without any spelling mistakes.

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Should you write the cover letter directly in the body of the email or send it as an attachment?

Two scenarios can arise, either the recruiter:

  • Request a CV and cover letter : the e-mail serves only as an introduction. It must therefore be short in order to avoid repetition with the documents provided as attachments. However, you can highlight important information that can help you distinguish yourself from the competition;
  • Do not ask for a cover letter : in this case, the unsolicited application e-mail or in response to a job, internship or work-study offer must be used to convince the recruiter of your desire to join his structure. The accompanying email must be shorter than cover letter. You will therefore be careful to highlight the information for the position and not to repeat the elements mentioned in the resume.

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How to write your application e-mail to attract the attention of the recruiter?

Write the subject of the email

The object of the application email must mention the essential information: the reference of the announcement, the job title and the period of the internship or work-study.

Be factual and straightforward: the purpose of the subject line is for the recruiter to easily find your candidacy.

The content of the application email (spontaneous, internship, work-study, etc.)

What you write in the application email must be personalized according to the announcement and the company.

From the first sentence, you must indicate your wish to apply and the reference of the advertisement. If it is a alternation, you must specify whether it is a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract, the period of performance of the contract, the school/company rhythm, and, of course, the diploma prepared. Ditto for an internship: remember to specify the period as well as the full title of your training. At a glance, the recruiter thus has important information.

You can then give some major arguments in order to attract the attention of the recruiter. This may be past work experience that has provided you with one or more essential skills for the position. You can also cite proficiency in certain tools or software and use professional jargon.

Don’t forget: if you are asked for a cover letter, Avoid giving too much information in the email.

Finally, consider include your contact information directly in the application email. The recruiter will therefore not need to open your CV again to find them.

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The form of the e-mail: be precise and concise

Finally, take care of the email presentation : content that is too rich, with paragraphs that are too long, risks quickly discouraging the recruiter. So be sure to be concise and get to the point.

Of course, remember to reread yourselves for check spelling, grammar and syntax.

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Sample internship application email


I am contacting you today to present my application for the internship offer (advertisement reference and date) in finance.

As part of my Master 2 Corporate Finance and Markets at XX, I am required to complete a six-month internship during the period from XX to XX and I would like to join your structure for this purpose.

I have a good command of XX and XX following various internships previously carried out in XX departments during which I was able to increase my skills and responsibilities.

Please find attached my cover letter and CV. Awaiting your response, please accept…

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Example of an application email for a work-study program


I am contacting you today to present my application for an apprenticeship contract in communication within your structure (advertisement reference).

Lasting 12 months, this alternation will begin next September.

I will prepare a BTS Communication at (name of the university / school) that I would like to carry out with you on a rhythm of three weeks in business and one week at school.

I already have skills in xx and xx following several projects carried out in collaboration with local associations.

I also shoot and edit videos. I actually host the YouTube channel XX which currently has more than 25,000 subscribers.

You will find my cover letter and my CV attached. Awaiting your response, please accept…

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Example of an unsolicited application email


I am contacting you today to send you my unsolicited application for an accountant position within your company.

Thanks to my two-year work-study experience within the XX accounting firm, I master tax, legal and accounting software and standards.

Please find attached my cover letter and CV. Awaiting your response, please accept…

Sample job application email


I am contacting you today to offer you my candidacy for the position of accountant (advertisement reference).

Accountant for more than three years in the specialized firm XX, I master accounting software as well as legal, tax and accounting standards.

So please find my cover letter and CV attached.

Awaiting your response, please accept…

Even when it serves as a simple introduction to applying for a job, internship, work-study offeror as part of a spontaneous application, e-mail should not be overlooked. This is the first contact with the recruiter: the latter can decide to reject the request straight away if the email is sloppy, with spelling mistakes, etc. Depending on the specifics of the job offer, the accompanying email can even replace the cover letter. In any case, it is therefore important to take care of it.

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