NBA Nouvelle décla de Green sur Kevin Durant

Draymond Green’s cash statement that will make Kevin Durant rage!



Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are on good terms, but that doesn’t stop the Warriors big man from occasionally throwing spades at his former teammate. Recently, he snubbed him in a very big debate… This is not going to please the Brooklyn superstar at all.

It’s impossible to deny it, Kevin Durant is one of the greatest scorers of all time. Beyond the stats which are very prolific (27.2 career average points, 25,526 in total), the Nets winger stands out for his incredible ease. A player over 2m10, able to drive like a leader and shoot with almost 50% success in nearly 15 years, including 38% behind the arc? This is an absolutely unique CV in the history of the orange ball.

And yet, despite all these qualities, some peers of the Slim Reaper do not necessarily favor him when they have to choose between him and another big scorer. Draymond Green is the perfect example, he who was asked the question on his podcast recently. The interior of the Warriors had to choose between his ex-teammate and Carmelo Anthony… and surprisingly, it was the veteran recently passed by the Lakers who had his blessing. The Dancing Bear explained their decision as follows:

Green prefers Melo to KD in terms of scoring

I will choose Melo. The reason I’m going to choose Melo is this. We were playing him at the Garden, it must have been my first or second year in the league. And Melo caught the ball at the post, he faced me, put his shoulder against my chest, maybe I foul, maybe not, then he ran over me and I got the defensive stop.

Again, maybe I made a mistake, maybe not. But in any case, Melo turned to the referee and asked him to “whistle the fucking foul”. We went back on the field and we came back in defense, he did the exact same thing the next action and the referee this time whistled the foul against me.

The reason this is so important to me is because as a scorer you have slow periods, you have bad nights shooting and the only thing that breaks the scorers’ slow periods can be a free throw and just knowing that Melo can get to the free throw line like that is why I’m going to choose Melo. But can we go wrong with one or the other? I do not think so.

To everyone’s surprise, Draymond Green opted for Carmelo Anthony over Kevin Durant because of his ability to get shots. A surprising argument, because where the Slim Reaper signed three career seasons with at least 9 shots per game, the free agent winger (more than 28,000 career points) never succeeded. Tastes and colors…

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