À la suite du gros accrochage survenu entre Jordan Poole et Draymond Green lors d'un entrainement des Golden State Warriors, la planète NBA vient de découvrir les mots prononcés par le jeune arrière, et qui auraient déclenché toute cette scène

Draymond Green brutally honest about his relationship with Jordan Poole



Back at Warriors practice, Draymond Green appeared in front of the media soon after. The opportunity to answer many questions from journalists. Many were curious to know more about his future, his day with teammates, as well as his relationship with Jordan Poole. The interior has also been honest on the subject.

It’s not a return to normal yet, but almost for the Warriors. Before concluding the pre-season, Draymond Green finally made his return to training, reuniting with Jordan Poole at the same time. Suffice to say that the journalists were very curious after this event. As a reminder, the Dubs made the choice not to suspend their All-Star to everyone’s surprise, enough to provoke the anger of an opposing player.

A broken relationship between Poole and Green?

Many expected a few games away for Green, who still assaulted a teammate in training. It is not so. The reason seems very clear: the Dubs did not want to deprive themselves of their player for the resumption of the season. The thing is, he’s still just as important to the team, despite last week’s sad incident. But can everything go back to how it was? Not according to Draymond.

Green, when asked about his relationship with Jordan Poole: “As far as moving forward, Jordan is a professional and so am I. We have a job to do…we’re just going to do this. »

When asked if he and Poole could get their relationship back together, Green said, “I’m not sure. But I don’t think it’s very important, honestly… We both know how to play basketball, and that’s the most important thing. »

After what happened, it’s clear that a rift exists between Poole and Green. A matching version with the testimony of Evan Fournier, very honest after the incident in Golden State. However, the interior promises that everyone will manage to turn the page:

Draymond Green says he had a few “long days” during his sideline and had “a good practice” today. “We’ve had our conversations about what to do moving forward and that’s what we’re going to do. »

The goal for the Warriors seems relatively clear after this exit from Draymond Green. The franchise planned to move on and forget the past, with the sole purpose of defending their title. It’s arguably the best thing to do, although Inside’s relationship with Jordan Poole seems ruined. There is no turning back after what happened…

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