Ja Morant menace les Warriors et lâche une folle promesse !

Draymond Green badly tackled after his message for Ja Morant!



A certain rivalry has developed between the Grizzlies and the Warriors, who are already looking forward to meeting next year on the court. Draymond Green has already attacked Ja Morant several times, even if their last exchange did not please Internet users. If animosity is present on the floor, it is far from being the same outside.

The Warriors chain rivalries over the years, as with the Clippers in the past or with the Cavaliers. Today ? The Grizzlies are in on it, as Ja Morant’s franchise wants to dominate the Western Conference. Problem ? They lost their last game against Golden State, having won a few. The leader is therefore determined to take his revenge, to the point that he motivates himself with a phrase by Draymond Green.

Draymond ready to befriend the Grizzlies?

The interior of the Dubs respects its opponents, but it is obviously the first to want to crush Memphis, like last year. The two franchises have also obtained what they wanted, namely a confrontation for Noel to settle all this, before a potential reunion in the playoffs. Problem ? Draymond’s message on Twitter did not go down well with netizens.

It’s your power, boy! Let’s go !!! Take the family home for dinner after

So why don’t you like it? Because the two men are unleashed on the floors with punchlines, all that to find themselves at the table in stride to sympathize. Internet users do not like:

This friendship thing is downright boring, better fight on the floor next time

Weakest rivalry ever, that’s why people hate this era. It wants to play it Tupac but come to dinner after

Seriously, can we trade it right now! He invites an adversary to his house for dinner on the occasion of Christmas. Not even his own teammates.

Draymond Green’s message for Ja Morant is not much appreciated, the fault of this “friendship-rivalry” which fools no one. The Warrior is warned, everything must be done to get the best of the Grizzlies, and certainly not become friends. In any case, look forward to the next confrontation.

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