NBA Kuzma raillé par LeBron et AD

Draymond Green and Kyle Kuzma go after a nugget from the Lakers!



Same when they are not good, the Lakers remain one of the most publicized franchises in the league. The proof, in the last episode of his podcast, Draymond Green and his guest Kyle Kuzma spoke about the Purple and Gold, and more particularly about a nugget.

Draymond Green is perhaps a Warriors player, a legend even, his connection to Los Angeles and the Lakers remains very important. Indeed, he is one of LeBron James’ best friends in the NBA microcosm, the two have just left for the weekend, for exampleand he is above all a client of Rich Paul, the most powerful agent in the league, who places many players with the Purple and Gold.

Moreover, following the latest rumors concerning him, the name of the interior has returned with insistence in the City of Angels. According to several journalists, Draymond Green would be looking for a maximum extension at Golden State, something that Bob Myers and the other leaders would not be inclined to offer him. It must be said that at his age and with his level in the playoffs, he is not in a strong position.

Draymond and Kuzma don’t understand Austin Reaves

And inevitably, when Kyle Kuzma agreed to participate in the last episode of his now legendary podcast, the conversation quickly turned around the Lakers, his former franchise. The quadruple champion and the Wizards player notably mentioned the future of Austin Reaves, and they did not hesitate to attack him for a simple reason: he is not good on the marketing level.

Draymond Green: I saw that Austin Reaves, who plays for the Lakers, was trying to get rid of two of his nicknames… But brother, you have done absolutely nothing in your career to allow you to eliminate the nicknames that the fans t gave. I was surprised when I heard this story. He should accept his nicknames and take advantage of them. I can understand the logic behind “AR-15”, but on a basketball court, nobody will make the connection with the weapon.

Kyle Kuzma: Personally I find that “Hillbilly Kobe” is incredible. He has to own this one, seriously man. It is fire. Anything with “Kobe” in Los Angeles is fine. If I were him, I would come to the room disguised as a peasant.

Draymond Green: If I were him, I would try to imbibe this nickname, to take advantage of it. I would like to be in the next “White Men Can’t Jump”.

For the champion and former Lakers, Austin Reaves does not necessarily carry out a good marketing operation by refusing the nicknames given to him by the fans. Indeed, what better way to get a place in the NBA than to be recognized in all rooms, even thanks to a nickname? Alex Caruso, his predecessor, for example immersed himself in the “Carushow”, until he became a darling of the Staples Center and signed a lucrative contract!

Draymond Green and Kyle Kuzma would no doubt have liked to have nicknames as striking as “Hillbilly Kobe” or “AR-15″… So inevitably, they do not understand Austin Reaves’ decision to part with them, when they would have could have been a passport to glory.

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