Ça bouge pour Donovan Mitchell, une franchise négocie avec le Jazz !

Donovan Mitchell traded? The crazy trade offered to 5 players!



The Jazz could well sell Donovan Mitchell this summer, at least if the franchise gets what it wants in return. The Knicks are among the favorites, but other teams could try their luck, like the Bulls. A first trade idea was also mentioned to satisfy everyone, with 5 players involved.

It’s cleaning up on the Jazz side, with the departures of Royce O’Neale and Rudy Gobert a little later. Nevertheless, there is still the most important element of the organization: Donovan Mitchell, who did not ask to leave. Danny Ainge remains open to offers, since he has opened discussions with the Knicks. The franchise, which has 8 first-round draft picks and a few young players, has what it takes to convince Utah.

Problem ? Person to New York doesn’t want to give up so much for Spida. The ideal? Give up 2/3 first rounds and one or two youngsters to recover the star. But as you can imagine, Ainge asks for much more. The front office is ready to cede Mitchell, but it’s not an emergency. It is even likely that the person concerned will still be in Salt Lake City at the start of the school year, for lack of an agreement with a suitor.

A surprise team for Donovan Mitchell?

Fortunately for the Jazz, which still hopes to find a buyer, the Knicks are not the only ones interested. Other franchises like the Hornets or the Wizards have shown interest. Another organization that could go on the offensive depending on their desire? The Bulls, who want to give everything to win a title. That’s good, the Heavy site has an idea for a trade.

The Bulls receive: Donovan Mitchell, Jarred Vanderbilt.

Jazz receives: Lonzo Ball, Patrick Williams, Coby White, 2027 first round, 2028 first round pick trade, 2029 first round.

Note that the trade, at least if it sees the light of day, will not occur before September. In question, Vanderbilt, already recently traded, and which cannot be traded again before August 30.

What do you think of this exchange? First of all, we can imagine that the Jazz will say no. The tradeoff in draft rounds is weak, especially with a swap, which means Utah gets the best-placed pick between the two teams. Williams has some potential, while White has been slightly disappointed. Ball? He has had a string of injuries and has never managed to assume his second-choice status.

You have understood it, it is not joy at the level of the players either, especially with the injury of the former Laker. If the Bulls will be happy with such a trade, the franchise wishing to win the title, Utah would be the first franchise to say no. Remember that moving Mitchell is not a priority, which means that it will take a major offer to get things moving. That’s not the case here.

The Bulls on Donovan Mitchell? If the franchise wants to give itself the means to win, now is the time to take action. However, good luck convincing the Jazz, who have no intention of giving gifts. Just like Kevin Durant, this soap opera is going to last a long time.

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