Discover 6 training courses related to sustainable finance

Discover 6 training courses related to sustainable finance



Whether they are professionals subject to a profound change in their professions or savers sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development, more and more people want to know more about sustainable finance. Small overview of training around this theme.

The SRI School

La Financière de l’Échiquier (LFDE) launched the SRI School in 2019. Intended to train financial advisors in the challenges of socially responsible investing in a few hours, it is structured in three parts. “Introduction to SRI” first, “prejudices around SRI” then, and the contribution of concrete tools to know how to choose your SRI fund finally. LFDE regularly updates its training in order to adapt it to the various regulatory and market developments.

The Candriam Academy

Completely free, the Candriam Academy is a site created by Candriam and dedicated to learning about sustainable and responsible investment. Developed by SRI experts, this tool for individuals and finance professionals offers training around four themes. Among them, “the introduction to sustainable and responsible investment”, made up of 8 modules of about 3 minutes each. But also “circular economy”, “climate change” and “analysis ESG“, each composed of a module.

Novethic training

Novethic offers several online training courses. In total, 14 à la carte modules are available and intended for professionals and people wishing to know more about SRI. Novethic also provides “expert courses”, ie programs containing several modules.

Green Management, CSR and Green Finance

100% online, Green Management, CSR and Green Finance is an IFG Executive Education course. Lasting 90 hours, it is intended for professionals sensitive to sustainable development issues. The program is made up of three courses: “sustainable development and green management”, “standardization and international regulation of SD and CSR” and “Green finance and socially responsible investment”, each divided into five modules.

Finance training

A Belgian non-profit association developing research, education and action in responsible and solidarity-based finance, Financité offers three online or face-to-face (in Brussels) training courses in the field of socially responsible investment. Called “understanding socially responsible investment (SRI)”, “choosing the assets in which to invest” and “knowing the framework for socially responsible investment (SRI)”, these programs are given by SRI experts.

The fundamentals of sustainable business

A 24-hour training course available online, The fundamentals of sustainable business is offered by the CentraleSupélec Exed engineering school. Intended for professionals and people interested in CSR issues, the program offers several major themes, such as “the eco-design of the offer” or “the measurement of overall performance and reporting CSR”.

To know

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) offers certification in sustainable finance. Open to all, this module is particularly aimed at professionals exercising “the function of salesman”, and allows them to have “a minimum base of knowledge demonstrating the acquisition of the main concepts relating to the institutional and economic framework of finance. sustainable.” The AMF recalls that this module is complementary to “the generalist AMF examination to verify minimum knowledge”.

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