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Disaster at the Warriors: Draymond Green hits a teammate and risks big!



While the Warriors are among the favorites to win the championship this season, and thus defend their title, Steve Kerr’s men have just put themselves in a very difficult situation. embarrassing… all alone. A practice just got out of hand, in which Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the face. The two men had to be separated, while the interior now faces a heavy penalty.

When you think of the best teams in the West, the Warriors come to mind quickly with a very complete squad, which however has just joined the Celtics and the Suns with a completely failed preparation. Barely days before the resumption, the roster has just experienced a turning point following an altercation involving Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. The two men exchanged a lot of trash-talking according to Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports the information, before the first city decided to hit the other.

Draymond Green punched teammate Jordan Poole in practice on Wednesday, sources say. The two players exchanged words before this shot, which led to Green’s reaction with his teammate. Team officials inquire as to what happened.

Draymond Green soon sanctioned by the Warriors!

Very bad news for the Dubs, who will have to settle this episode quickly before they can turn the page, if that is possible now. The thing to remember is that Poole was not injured by the hit according to the sources, to the point that he was able to finish his training. It’s a trip to the infirmary avoided for the rear, but it seems clear that this misadventure will leave consequences in the workforce, it remains to be seen whether they will be significant.

Unsurprisingly, and after hitting a teammate, Green now faces penalties according to The Athletic:

The Warriors are considering sanctioning Draymond Green after an altercation with Jordan Poole in practice. Green punched his teammate in the face and the two men had to be separated right after this incident.

Fine, suspension or worse: everything is on the table right now, while the Dubs are trying to find out exactly what happened.

Finally, according to information shared by Chris Haynes this time around, the Warriors have noted a slight change in behavior on Poole’s side, which could explain this altercation with Green, known to be hot-blooded. This concerns the extension of the contract for the back, who has only two weeks to find an agreement with his leaders, which is far from certain.

Draymond Green was very “sorry” after his altercation with Jordan Poole, but his teammates noticed a change in Poole’s behavior during training camp with his discussions for a contract extension.

Although Jordan Poole’s behavior has changed, that certainly doesn’t excuse the reaction of Draymond Green, who can’t hit a teammate. The passive does not play in its favor either, the interior being known to be sometimes very expressive, perhaps too much elsewhere. It remains to be seen what the Warriors will find, and what the penalty will be for the star of the workforce.

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