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Digital marketing: what is it?



Many of us hear about digital marketing and use it without knowing exactly what it is. In fact, it is simply a set of marketing techniques using different digital channels to achieve specific targets and objectives. The strategies are then numerous, but the whole will be called digital marketing. Through this mini-guide, we will dig deeper into the definition of digital marketing and discover some examples of types of digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing: definition

Digital marketing is nothing but the set of strategies that could help companies attract new customers, make themselves known on social networks and promote their services or products.

These techniques are primarily intended to facilitate the visibility of a website or a company on other digital media. By doing so, young companies have the ultimate goal of encouraging Internet users to interact with them, but above all, to consume their products or services. With a good strategy, techniques like customizing commercial cars with stickers become almost useless.

The different forms of digital marketing

Digital marketing can take many forms. All means are good to improve the brand image of your company. You simply have to remember that whatever method is used, it will be defined as digital marketing. Use them according to your needs and goals. If you don’t know how or if you don’t know what strategy to use, you can always hire a digital marketing agency. In any case, here are some examples of strategies that can help define digital marketing.

Digital Marketing


The purpose of this method is tooptimize the textual content of a site in order to position it at the top of search engines when a request relating to its activities is hit by a user. The sites containing the best referenced articles will then appear at the top of the search engines and will thus have a maximum chance of being visited.

Presence on social networks

The use of social networks is a strategy that aims to obtain more visibility with prospects, customers, employees and all partners. Indeed, social networks are tools that are used to convey important messages, to interact with customers and especially to make known the products, services and brand image of your company.

Content Marketing

Otherwise called content marketing, this technique aims to arouse the interest of internet users and encourage them to consume the product or service highlighted on the content. For sharp efficiency, the latter must be of obvious relevance and its quality must simply be irreproachable. Currently, the content that has the greatest effect on consumers is visual and audio content. It is also appropriate to send personalized and original contents in order to demonstrate the determination of the company to seduce partners and customers.


The aim of this strategy is to make the most of the use of emails in order to to retain customers, to establish a climate of promiscuity with them and other partners, but also ensure the smooth running of transactions.

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