Le meneur NBA des New York Knicks, Derrick Rose, aurait jeté son dévolu sur un joueur bien précis pour renforcer sa franchise

Derrick Rose reveals his big physical transformation!



Regularly squatting in the infirmary for several years, Derrick Rose is working hard to ensure that his end of career goes well. He also made a drastic change during the offseason, as he recently revealed. What will allow him to finally stay healthy?

If the Knicks struggled so much last year (11th in the East), it is also partly because they could not count on one of their best elements. In effect, Derrick Rose was only able to play 26 games before injuries caught up with him again. His season ended in mid-December, with the former Bulls superstar subsequently recovering from ankle issues. Too bad, because he was valuable off the bench with 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists on average.

It’s a song we’ve learned to know by heart for a while now: Pooh’s talent is still present, but his icy body prevents him from fully exploiting it. Now 33, the Chicago native knows his time is running out. In order to maximize his latest campaigns on the parquet floors, he has therefore decided to lighten up considerably. As he revealed recently, he even went so far as to drop below 90 kilos:

Derrick Rose back to his rookie year weight!

I just work hard, go headlong and not worry about the rest, have a good time with my teammates. Last year… I can’t say or do much when I’m injured. I haven’t felt this healthy in a very long time. I came back to my weight during my rookie year, I weigh 88 kilos currently. It’s been what, 13 years since the last time I weighed this little? So it’s a blessing.

While a Kawhi Leonard chose to increase in volume this summer in order to better withstand the shocks, D-Rose opted for the opposite strategy. A specialist in crossovers and changes of direction, he needs to preserve his joints and losing pounds is the best way to achieve this. Transformed in this way, can he hope to come back in force in 2022-23? New York fans, who appreciate it a lot, want to believe it anyway:

There’s no one on this earth (in professional sports) I’d rather see win than Derrick Rose. It’s the truth.

He’s going to be a candidate for Sixth Man of the Year.

It had been almost fifteen years since Derrick Rose hadn’t been so light, he who doesn’t want to take any risks regarding the rest of his career. Given the sympathy capital he has throughout the league, we hope for the 2011 MVP that he will be able to stay on his two legs next season.

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