De'Anthony Melton and Delon Wright triumph in LA

De’Anthony Melton and Delon Wright triumph in LA



An unmissable summer competition on the orange ball planet, the Drew League has been thrilling the Los Angeles crowd for almost 50 years. For its 2022 edition, De’Anthony Melton and Delon Wright won the final trophy with their Hometown Favorites team. The curtain closes on the competition, not without offering us a final salvo of sympathetic highlights.

In LA, it’s tradition: the summer will be made of basketball or it won’t be. Come on, we still allow ourselves a passage or two on the side of Santa Monica or Venice, especially since we can also indulge in the practice of our favorite sport. However, the epicenter of B-Ball in the City of Angels is in South Central, where the Drew League takes place. Like every year for a long time now, NBA players come to cross swords with amateurs… to keep in shape yes, but also to thrill a growing crowd. This year ? LeBron James, DeMar DeRozan, John Collins, Trae Young, De’Anthony Melton, Delon Wright, to name but a few. Beautiful people yeah, we agree. It is therefore the last two cities who won the competition, organized in the form of a tournament. The reward is somewhat anecdotal on a sporting level, but always a pleasure because the Drew League is a monument of summer sports in the United States. The Hometown Favorites leave with the cup, and Melton with the title of best player in the final.

This year, the competition was able to enjoy a much wider distribution because the NBA decided to relay it on the League Pass. A little flair from Adam Silver, who of course knows that a basketball game bringing together several of the stars of the Great League can interest the public at a time when everyone is on vacation. The opportunity to attract the eyes of the whole world to South Central, the historic district of Los Angeles in which the tournament is organized. Back to the final? Dunk, long shot by Melton: 19 points out of his team’s 69, and the small reward of MVP of the match, namely a brioche, a glass of orange juice at the bar and ten euros of purchase at Castorama. What will remain in memory level individual perfs? LeBron James’ 42 points and Isaiah Thomas’ 45 in front of an obviously overexcited crowd. Also note the 37 pawns of DeMar DeRozan. Against players who don’t play in the NBA? Yeah okay, but let’s not take credit from those guys who might just choose to take it easy in Mykonos instead of entertaining the fans in LA.

The Drew League, see you next year! The end of summer is approaching (sniff) but that also means that the return to serious things is fast approaching. And above all, it’s finally vacation time for De’Anthony and Delon. They deserved it.

Source: NBA via Drew League

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