Darren Collison 25 décembre 2021

Darren Collison did a workout with the Lakers, NBA goal?



The Lakers, these fans of Louis la Brocante. After being sought last winter for a Darren Collison in full retirement since 2019, the Los Angeles franchise once again wants to see what the 34-year-old point guard can give. As a reminder, he played with the South Bay Lakers G League team until the end of last season. Tell everyone, in LA we may not need Kyrie Irving (yes).

Quite an unprecedented trajectory than that of the end of Darren Collison’s career anyway. After two very good seasons with the Pacers as starting point guard, the player announces via The Undefeated that he is retiring, at only 31 years old. The surprise is big enough for the whole basketball world, but it’s the man talking. After ten years traveling the United States, he wishes to devote himself to his private life. But you know, basketball is still pretty damn persuasive when it makes you want to get back to playing. It is therefore undoubtedly an already cogitating Darren who responded to Frank Vogel’s sirens last winter. Neither one nor two, small ten-day contract signed with the Lakers. The result ? Three small games, with an average of 1.3 points in 12.3 minutes of play. Well, we shouldn’t have expected anything else either, huh… we’re talking about a player who comes back from two and a half years without basketball . Determined to still continue to bring Darren’s talent back to the casbah, Rob Pelinka then offered him to finish the season in the G League with the team associated with the Purple and Goldthe South Bay Lakers. The result is 11.3 points, 2.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists in an average of 24.3 minutes, there are also only three games but it seems that was enough to convince the Lakers to offer a workout to Collison. The session was held yesterday.

Interest in Darvin Ham? Add a potential rather useful rotation player if he finds his level. And above all, do it at a price that will undoubtedly be very smart. When you know that the Lakers’ cap space is still likely to be very tight this season, counting on a good blue collar capable of managing tense moments and bringing in a few points, all for minimum wage, it could be a treat . Yes, because Collison casually has a nice little CV. Released from UCLA, he was drafted in 21st position by the New Orleans Hornets. Aged 22, his experience was immediately put to use in the NBA, behind Chris Paul in the rotation and then integrated into the major five after Cipi Fruit tore his meniscus in the middle of the season. He will only make one season with the Hornets, then will be transferred to Indiana where his game will improve further. The luggage is never far away, because the guy will quickly learn to be on time at the airport. Traded in 2012 in Dallas, he continued with the Clippers in 2013-14 before landing in Sacramento for three years from the following season. It is also in northern California that he will send his best season of his career, with an average of 16.1 points per game. In 2017, he was traded to the Pacers where his contributions will drop a little. In 2019, he announced his retirement. Could we see a return to the true meaning of the term? Case to follow, as Scooby Doo would say (no).

Will Darren Collison ever return to the NBA? Let’s say that retirement at 31 gives you time to count and recount the clouds. Maybe he was fed up. In any case, if the Lakers take the bet and it pays off, we will have a nice little deal there.

Source: Twitter @BA_Turner

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