dare the hot bangs and short hair duo

dare the hot bangs and short hair duo



In recent years celebrities are crazy about the short haircut with bangs. The reason ? This hairstyle looks sexy and romantic at the same time. It’s easy to maintain – just in seconds you can completely transform your hair! Sleek and strict – messy and chic. To do this, the brushing technique and the straightener are your best allies. If you want to enhance your appearance, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the following gallery. In addition, we will offer you our tips and tricks on how to treat and style your hair. So, it’s up to you to choose your new look for the coming summer!

A very feminine and stylish cut

Straight bangs

An asymmetrical bob with straight bangs is a good solution for thick hair. The bangs create a stylish look and help you get rid of hair mass around the face. Your face shape should also be considered when choosing the type and length of your bangs.

The short, smooth bob with straight bangs is a stylish hairstyle in any hair color. Strict straight bangs are hugely flattering on straight-lined faces! Women looking for a dramatic appearance should definitely try this look, adding a bright red lipstick, of course!

Idea how to wear its disheveled and slightly wavy short square cut, painted in polar blond

slightly wavy women's square cut painted in polar blond with straight bangs

Long tapered bangs

If you have a round face, opt for long tapered bangs instead. A bang is a crucial part of your hairstyle that allows you to change its length and style depending on your mood. Sleek and straight or to the side, short or long, or even curly… It’s up to you which type of short bangs hairstyle to try!

Tapered or layered bangs add movement and liveliness to your hairstyle, creating a nonchalant look. This type of bangs go very well with short hair. So, do not hesitate to adopt a fringe, if you have short hair or if you are considering such a cut.

Short cut with side bangs, easy to maintain

cut with fringe on the side in chestnut woman with discreet makeup and blue evening dress

short bangs

Haircuts with short bangs don’t have to be sleek and sleek! No way ! The short, side bangs bring out more of the eyes and create a more dynamic and cool look! These bangs emphasize the beautiful features of the face very well. Also, they are a bold solution for short haircuts, such as the pixie cut and the boyish cut. The latter combine perfectly with fine or even sparse hair.

Short square cut with baby fringe

square cut with bangs baby black hair woman in light gray top and red lipstick

The short fringe generally gives a young and carefree look that gives real pleasure to wear it. Plus, styling short bangs, like baby bangs, is, indeed, a snap, if you have the right short haircut.

You might think bangs don’t look good on curly hair, but Audrey Tautou proves it. The actress wears the short arched bangs that are a feature of her short hairstyles. This choppy pixie for curly hair is adorable! The smooth pixie, on the other hand, with short bangs highlights the beautiful feminine features of the face!

Pixie cut idea with slightly wavy bangs

short cut with arched fringe by audrey tautou in a coral evening dress and a very feminine look

Hairstyle variants short hair

There are many variations of short haircuts with bangs for all hair types and for all kinds of events.

Versatile Short Haircuts

In addition, you can take advantage of your new cut to flatter your face or to hide some imperfections. Short cuts are likely to be changed very easily using different fringes.

Trendy coloring

Also, you have the option of painting a few highlights or trying sweeping to personalize your short haircut! Ombre coloring on bob-cut hair with side bangs makes it look brighter and more feminine.

Pixie Cup

You can dare to get a pixie cut, for example, without your hairstyle looking too masculine. The fringe is the ideal complement for a feminine and stylish vision!

Pixie cut with short wavy side bangs for a romantic vision

brown short degraded cut with wavy farnge woman in black evening dress

On the other hand, if you prefer a cut not so short, you have the possibility of adopting a short square with bangs. Or try a layered, layered, asymmetrical or tapered cut. The cut layers give texture to the hairstyle. A fabulous and refined style! In addition, by adopting such a cut, you can enjoy the freedom to curl your hair, or, at least, wave it. If you would like to have a romantic look, do not wait any longer to try one of these cuts.

Short degraded cut with wispy bangs

degraded frayed fringe blond degraded square woman in light gray dress with v-neckline

modern short haircut woman with blond hair and light makeup

Bangs can either complement your hairstyle or serve as an accent to it. The edgy pixie, which you can see in the photo below, is enhanced by the wispy bangs and gives her an awesome look.

The short cut with bangs in a pixie version for a stylish look

short haircut woman with bangs on the side woman with black lace dress

The short cut in pixie version goes perfectly to Scarlett Johansson

degraded wispy bangs blonde short haircut scarlett johansson in sunglasses and gray dress

Halle Berry Shows Off Her Messy Short Bob Cut With Balayage And Frayed Bangs

plunging square short fine hair painted in blond on caramel halle berry in the white dress

Variant of short haircut with bangs in blond pixie version

disheveled short haircut woman 2021 blond trend with bangs on the side woman with red lipstick

Short Messy Blonde Haircut with Side Bangs

blonde asymmetrical short haircut with tapered bangs on the side jennifer lawrence in gray top and black jacket

Charlize Theron wears her blonde pixie cut with short side bangs with pride and elegance

blonde woman boyish cut charlize theron in white and very elegant evening dress

Proof that the short tapered short with side bangs is an ideal option for a stylish look

trendy short haircut with tapered bangs blonde woman in white jacket top and black pants

Wear your pixie cut with confidence and a wide smile

degraded wispy bangs short cut shaved neck woman with earrings and elegant outfit sunglasses

square cut with disheveled fringe and blonde woman in caramel sweater

Romantic look, highlighted by the short square cut with fringe

modern short haircut with straight tapered bangs woman with discreet makeup in a white and black jacket

modern female short haircut with brown bangs woman with elegant earrings and evening dress

Variant of messy pixie with baby wispy bangs

Scarlett Johansson wears her short haircut with side bangs with confidence

blonde short hair woman with side bangs scarlett johansson in red dress

square cut ball short nape with straight bangs woman with sunglasses and elegant outfit

short hair hairstyle with tapered bangs dakota johnson with round black sunglasses

Helle Berry in the square cut ball nape short

bob cut fine hair with baby bangs halle berry in the mauve dress at the oscars 2021

square cut with baby bangs woman in black and elegant outfit and red lipstick

square cut with brown bangs in round black sunglasses woman in black top

square cut ball neck short brunette with fringe woman in black leather perfetto

short haircut with brown fringe and degraded katie holmes in silver evening dress

short haircut with brown and wavy bangs woman in slightly transparent black outfit

short haircut fine and sparse hair with curtain bangs woman in white top

Short bob haircut with straight bangs

women's haircut 2021 short with straight, slightly wavy bangs

Very romantic look, underlined by the short haircut with bangs

square cut with slightly wavy straight bangs woman in black outfit black hat and red lips

A casual vision, but still very chic

short blonde degraded haircut with tapered bangs blonde woman in dark gray sweater and long black skirt

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