Customer data: the gold is in the strategy!  |  Isarta Info

Customer data: the gold is in the strategy! | Isarta Info



October 3, 2022

There is a narrative that, unknowingly, merchants are sitting on a “gold mine” simply by possessing transactional data. However, speaking with digital marketing strategy consultant Karine Rahmani, author of the new Isarta training Exploit your transactional data and increase your sales (given on October 27), we understand that to access the mine… you must first organize your data and establish a collection strategy!

The strategist illustrates this reality by evoking a marketing initiative by a client working in the running sector.

This retailer wanted to reach two types of customers: beginners and marathon runners. Well, on the company’s site, there were two key moments when we solicit email from visitors: after an article on how to start running and after an advice article on how to warm up to avoid injuries. during a marathon. By positioning the e-mail reception in this way, it becomes possible to qualify the customer upstream. Because it is difficult to ask for too much information when taking the email – this is a hindrance and we want to avoid it. »

However, before being able to deploy such a strategy, you must first know what information you are looking for and where it is.

To do a lot of auditing, the problem is that customer data is completely scattered and poorly organized, notes the consultant. Companies must work upstream, to define what they seek to collect and then know where the information is. »

The new Isarta training precisely aims to help companies better “structure” their data to optimize their marketing efforts. Karine Rahmani explains “how to use your transactional data”, what are “the prerequisites”, what “marketing levers” to use to “increase your sales basket”; “how and why to determine the essential KPIs” etc.

Start early, start late… each has its advantages

As an entrepreneur, it’s good to know that there is no “bad time” to take the leap into data mining. Of course, if you have a sales history of two to three years, you can immediately begin to analyze them and identify trends. However, if we are interested in the exploitation of data from the moment of opening an electronic store, we will have the opportunity to lay a sound foundation for optimal use of data.

It’s important to set your goals upstream and ask yourself what you want to measure, explains Karine Rahmani. By developing your promo codes in a certain way, you can then analyze the performance of new customers from one year to the next. Same thing if we take the time to establish a uniform nomenclature for our product codes. To exploit your data, you must have good data hygiene from the start. »

Developing an analytical mind in the face of its transactional data can lead the company to new paths of growth.

I want to get companies to not only think in terms of acquisition, but also in terms of loyalty, explains the consultant. How do you acquire customers who will become more loyal in the long term? By taking as a model the customers who are the most loyal today. If we look at our data, we will be able to know what they look like – the 20% that generate 80% of your income. And try to attract this kind of profile to the company. »

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