Crypto Crash: Invest in Nexo (NEXO) and Mehracki (MKI) to Beat Inflation

Crypto Crash: Invest in Nexo (NEXO) and Mehracki (MKI) to Beat Inflation



the cryptocurrency market is at its lowest level since the start of the current market downturn at the time of writing. The market was shaken by the collapse of the cryptographybecause Bitcoin (BTC) fell nearly 8% in the past 24 hours.

As the value of the major currencies continues to decline, it may be time to place your trust in presales.

A project of cryptocurrency undergoes a period presale before being launched publicly. This motivates people to invest in the project for minimal token costs, infusing quick cash while building community. Given the volatility of the market, investing in presales is a smart way to generate short and long term profits.

We discovered two coins that can be valuable in the future to avoid inflation and generate huge rewards. Nexo (NEXO) and Mehracki (MKI) are the two pieces in question.

Nexo (NEXO)

According to its website, Nexo (NEXO) is a lending protocol in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market.

The protocol generates cryptocurrency-backed loans in which tokens can be pledged in exchange for fiat cash or stablecoins.

In addition to rewarding customers for keeping a variety of cryptocurrenciesthe website offers higher interest rates for fixed term terms.

Nexo (NEXO) offers a wallet that allows users to buy, trade, borrow and earn interest on their holdings in cryptocurrency. To earn interest, users must transfer cryptocurrencies on their Nexo wallet or buy them on the Nexo exchange.

Users can receive their returns in the same currency as their initial payment or in tokens NEXO.

Nexo offers interest on cryptocurrencies dormant, similar to how banks pay interest on consumer savings accounts. The fundamental contrast lies in the interest rate and the value of the assets obtained as a reward, including a cryptocurrency y and the token NEXO.

Additionally, it has partnered with MasterCard to offer a crypto payment card similar to a debit or credit card, allowing users to spend their digital assets in various locations.

Mehracki (MKI)

Mehracki (MKI) is a community currency and based on Solana (SOL) for positive memes. The platform intends to provide meme currencies with real utility.

This inclusion in the real world implies that users by Mehracki (MKI), especially hotel business owners and visitors, will be able to use the native token (MKI) of Mehracki to make low-cost, fast and borderless transactions.

By using the blockchain Solana (SOL), which can produce 50,000 transactions per soicond, the blockchain platform intends to do so.

the Mehracki token (MKI) allows users to transact independently of a third party. It also allows customers to get attractive discounts and benefits whenever they make reservations or transact on the blockchain network.

As a community-driven meme currency, Mehracki (MKI) will allow any active holder of MKI tokens to govern the platform by participating in future decision-making related to Mehracki.

NFTs can be monetized and traded for long-term benefits. Users can earn NFTs based on the frequency of their transactions. This implies that the more one spends, the greater the number of won unusual NFTs that can be sold on an NFT market.

Additionally, business owners will be able to build NFTs to provide customers with unique discounts and offers.

MKI holders can earn passive income through the storage of crypto assets. On the platform, lending and trading can generate incentives for users. Participants can profit passively by securing their tokens in smart contracts that lenders can borrow.


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