Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

Criticized for his remarks, a player turns his jacket on Steph Curry!



Take it out on Steph Curry after the season he just had? Probably a bad idea. The point guard has just won the title, as well as the MVP of the finals. However, a relative of Kevin Durant had not hesitated to criticize him. Today ? He holds another discourse, very different from the first. A nice turnaround.

Victorious with the Warriors this season, Steph Curry recalled that he was one of the best in the league, if some had any doubts. The leader won the ring, the MVP of the finals, or even that of the All-Star Game. A very rich year for Baby Face, who hopes to do it again in several months. However, and despite such a great campaign, some still prefer to retain the negative and criticize, like Mike James, former teammate of Kevin Durant.

Mike James criticized after his comments on Steph Curry!

In a podcast, the leader did not hesitate to tackle Curry and his “one-dimensional” game, understand by this that he does not shine everywhere, far from it. Steph had replied laughing a little, he who prefers to make a difference on the floor, especially in the face of gratuitous hatred. But the soap opera isn’t over yet, as James has drastically changed his version today.

I think I say a lot of controversial things, because I think differently from other people. But for some reason, whenever I mention Steph Curry, everyone gets mad, and thinks I don’t like him. On the contrary, I find it incredible. He changed basketball to be honest. 7 years ago, everyone started shooting three-pointers and playing small ball. I don’t have a problem with him, really.

Rather than the negative, James immediately focuses on the positive, and on the fact that Curry has changed basketball. It is clear that with his long distance shot, the Chief is inspiring a whole generation, which will continue to land over the years in the NBA. An incredible feat for the leader of the Warriors, who hopes to continue winning, while developing his qualities on the floor.

For James, it was therefore not the best idea to criticize the leader of the Dubs. He even goes so far as to modify his remarks in an attempt to justify himself:

I don’t even remember saying one-dimensional. I said something more like “when he loses control he can sometimes be one-dimensional. It’s like saying, “When she does her hair like that, sometimes she’s ugly.” “. And people are immediately like “oh he thinks she’s ugly. »

Mike James can try to change his version, nobody is really convinced. The leader wanted to make the buzz, so much the better for him, but he will have to assume. What is certain is that Steph Curry will not forget his words, he who counts answer on the floor in a few months. Strongly.

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