Content Marketing in 2022: 5 Tips to Apply

Content Marketing in 2022: 5 Tips to Apply



Content marketing version 2022 is intended to be contextual and personalized. There is no longer any question of publishing “boat” content designed to capture the attention of a vague and unqualified audience. More than ever, companies must study their targets, understand their motivations, their values, what inspires them, what they need, and offer them immersive, but above all authentic content. Discover 5 tips for a successful content marketing strategy this year.

1 – Qualitative content for content marketing that suits you

Disposable contents, produced in a hurry to make filling, are no longer relevant. This does not mean that content marketing excludes short and easy-to-consume publications, quite the contrary. On social networks, the trend is precisely for concise and straight-to-the-point video formats. On the other hand, your posts, Reels, lives, and others must be part of a structured ecosystem able to reflect the universe of your brand.

Remember to create all of your content with intention and attention and to make it part of a very precise overall strategy. This must of course take into account your objectives, your branding and your budget, but also and above all your targets. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the reporting to better segment your audience and offer them publications adapted to their needs, their purchasing habits, their lifestyle, their socio-professional category, etc. The real challenge will be to integrate all of this without ever losing authenticity!

2 – Loyalty at the heart of your challenges

Content marketing is often considered to attract leads, to boost the conversion rate and to achieve higher search engine rankings. While this way of understanding content marketing is of course still relevant, it is no longer enough to ensure the success of your strategy in the long term.

Rather than seeking only to generate new leads, it is important to ensure the loyalty of existing consumers and to prove to them that their satisfaction remains paramount. In particular, consider offering content that adds value to your customers’ experience and encourages them to visit your site more often or to follow you on social networks. This “plus” that you bring to your subscribers may also constitute an additional conversion argument for your prospects.

You will also benefit from boosting their commitment by sharing content created by them (user generated content) and which puts you forward. Do not hesitate to bet on newsletters and their potential for loyalty, especially if you slip in promo codes regularly.

3 – Multiple and well-mastered formats

While text content has long been considered the foundation of content marketing, the meteoric rise of the podcast deserves to be taken seriously. Podcasts can be excellent vectors of expertise and notoriety. They also offer the advantage of attracting a naturally engaged audience, since most people who consume this format listen to the publications until the end. Indeed, it is easy to come back to it to listen to it several times if necessary.

Another category of content to master is infographics, which, conversely, allow you to create snack type publications with high potential for virality, very useful for any content marketing strategy. The key is knowing how to marry visuals that are both representative of your brand and pleasant to look at, with clear and interesting information.

Videos, especially in short format, can be consumed just as easily from any medium. In addition, the advent of social networks has completely changed user expectations in this area, placing the creation of qualitative video content within the reach of any brand. Even if your budget is limited, nothing prevents you from making videos yourself to publish on Instagram, TikTok, or even on YouTube!

Finally, all this pretty content takes nothing away from more traditional formats. However, the condition is to really stand out by offering inspiring and inspired blog articles, white papers and other landing pages, capable of strengthening your digital visibility.

4 – A customer experience to match

Businesses sometimes make the mistake of separating their content marketing efforts from the in-store experience they want to deliver to their customers. However, consumers are increasingly embracing the principles of the phygital revolution and, on the contrary, are looking for a hybrid purchasing path. The idea is to no longer have to choose between visiting a physical store and immersing yourself in a 100% digital e-commerce experience. Augmented reality, online shopping and pick-up in person, events reserved for your online community… the possibilities are endless.

This logic also applies to companies that do not own premises! Pop-up stores in particular represent an interesting solution thanks to which you can meet your customers and provide them with a richer, and above all, ephemeral experience. Enough to make the experience even more exceptional and privileged.

5 – The advantages of User Generated Content

This connection with your customers can also give rise to valuable content generated by the users themselves on social networks. Candid videos of your products “in the wild”, unboxings, events… The more you share them, the more you will see your subscribers create.

These individuals play here the role of micro-influencers with a community fully aware of the fact that no partnership exists between them and your company. In other words, their positive review can only be genuine!

In addition, each tag, each comment, and each repost attracts the attention of the algorithms in a positive way. And finally, integrating them into your own feed shows your customers that their opinion matters and that you appreciate their commitment.

Content marketing tends to become more complex, but it also offers ever more possibilities for brands concerned with finding THE perfect combination for their content strategy. It’s up to you to experiment and discover how to make the most of it both to strengthen your visibility and your notoriety and to offer your prospects and customers a positive experience.

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