Comment les sports américains se développent à Clermont-Ferrand dans l

Comment les sports américains se développent à Clermont-Ferrand dans l’ombre de l’ASM et du CF63 ?



The strong heat did not cool them on Saturday. At the Hoops Factory in Aubière, the American sports clubs from Clermont came to present their sport during the second edition of American Sports Day. On the program, initiations and demonstrations to try to conquer new licensees. “What pleases is hitting the ball, explains Baptiste Izoulet, the president of Arvernes, the baseball club. It is a movement that is both particular and natural. When you try it, it marks you. »

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But, he remains lucid: despite the synergy between American sports, the day is in June, and, by the start of the school year, the two big Clermont clubs will have “vampirized” most of the licensees. Having a club in the football elite, Clermont Foot, and rugby, ASM, only four other cities in France can say the same. For more confidential sports, it is an additional difficulty to attract, “especially among young people”, specifies Christophe Corallo, president of Servals, the American football club. “Since the rise of CF63, young people have turned even more to football. »

So, to exist in the Clermont context, sports insist on their values, their specificity. Thus, lacrosse, the last club created in 2020, insists on the historical side of this sport from the Iroquois culture.

For baseball and American football, social networks and the proliferation of television and streaming channels allow greater media coverage. “More and more people are watching the Superbowl, for example. Each year, we welcome and train several novices who have no knowledge,” confirms Christophe Corallo.

To be pedagogues

Training and initiation is another main issue for these lesser-known sports. “I spend a lot of energy teaching and deconstructing received ideas that it would be too complicated, too long, too ‘American'”, laughs Baptiste Izoulet.

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But, this pedagogical work bears fruit. In American football, the number of spectators has increased from 70 before the covid to 120 on average this season thanks to greater pedagogy and explanatory commentary at the stadium.

If baseball also sees a gain in spectators, it remains limited by its infrastructure: “It’s a summer sport, the matches are long; but our platform in full sun is not covered, ”regrets the president of Arvernes.

However, despite the presence of the ASM and the CF63, Baptiste Izoulet is convinced that Clermont can be a land of baseball and wishes to bring the project of a sports complex to Cézeaux.

And, finally, why not take advantage of the presence of the ASM and the CF63? The president of Arvernes dreams, for example, of a baseball section in the school system “the city of all talents”, in partnership with the ASM.

Mathieu Brosseau


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