La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait déjà vu son successeur aux Lakers débarquer dans la ligue

Cold shower in the soap opera LeBron at the Lakers? The statement that worries!



Will LeBron James extend his contract with the Lakers? That’s the question many fans have been asking for weeks. Negotiations officially started on Thursday, but did not lead to a first agreement. ESPN made a slight update, and let’s say it’s not reassuring. We will have to be patient with the supporters.

While still aiming for the title with the Lakers this season, LeBron James has the opportunity to send a very strong signal to his team and to the supporters. Since this Thursday, he can officially sign a two-year extension in the City of Angels, at more than $97 million. For a 37-year-old player, 38 at the end of the year, that’s an absolutely insane amount, but we’re talking about the King here. The Angelinos are ready to sign such a deal, but the reciprocal is not confirmed.

This does not mean that the native of Akron does not want to continue his adventure with the Lakers, or even to end his career there, but he prefers to temporize. There is no rush, as he can sign this extension until June 30, which means James can take his time. How much exactly? It’s hard to know, but let’s say that the end of the summer should make it possible to see things more clearly, depending on the moves of the front office.

LeBron ready to temporize at the Lakers?

You guessed it, LeBron prefers to wait and see what Rob Pelinka does by the end of the summer. We obviously think of the soap opera Kyrie Irving, because it is now certain that the former Cavalier wishes to find him in the future. Everything will depend on the leader and the negotiations in the coming weeks, but nothing is certain yet. As confirmed by ESPN, LBJ therefore prefers to wait.

“I have been advised that nothing is imminent regarding LeBron James and an extension with the Lakers. We can see that LeBron’s camp is patient, and wants to see how things will evolve with the Lakers before returning to training camp. »

For the Lakers, there is therefore a certain pressure in the coming weeks. Their future decisions and upcoming signings will have a direct impact on LeBron’s possible contract extension. In case of disappointment, we imagine that the latter could wait until the end of the season to make a choice, with a possible departure to the East.

LeBron James is not yet guaranteed to extend at the Lakers, even if the first returns are positive. Rob Pelinka has the pressure, which must sign a big move by the recovery to satisfy the leaders, as well as the King in person. Otherwise, the future will be very undecided in the City of Angels.

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