Cloud Security: Trend Micro Blocked 33.6 Million Email Attacks in 2021

Cloud Security: Trend Micro Blocked 33.6 Million Email Attacks in 2021



Trend Micro Incorporated reveals the results of a study of threats targeting cloud applications. Entitled ‘Trend Micro Cloud App Security Threat Report 2021’, it highlights the sharp increase in the number of email threats in cloud environments, confirming that email remains a privileged entry point for cyber attacks. Indeed, in 2021, Trend Micro blocked more than 33.6 million threats using this vector, an increase of 101% over the previous year.

“Innovation in the threat landscape and the evolution of the enterprise attack surface knows no pause: it’s more than ever a race between attackers and defenders. In this context, e-mail represents the priority gateway for fraudulently breaking into organizations,” explains Nicolas Arpagian, Director Cybersecurity Strategy at Trend Micro. “This is why companies that choose a unified security approach minimize blind spots in the supervision of their technical environments: they are in fact better equipped to prevent and detect security incidents. And therefore facilitate their remediation in order to preserve their operational performance”.

The main results of the study:

• Phishing remains one of the main means of compromise,

o 16.5 million phishing attacks detected and blocked, a 138% increase, with employees continuing to be targeted regardless of whether they work from home or company premises.

o 6.3 million blocked attacks on credentials (+15%).

• Malware continues to be used by attackers: 3.3 million malicious files detected, including a 134% increase in known threats and 221% increase in unknown malware.

• Ransomware detections continued to decrease between 2020 and 2021. A 43% drop which can be explained by a double phenomenon. On the one hand, the attacks are increasingly targeted and therefore better designed, and on the other hand, thanks to concrete actions which have destabilized the attackers upstream. Thus Trend Micro has succeeded in blocking tools affiliated with important ransomware, such as Trickbot or BazarLoader.

• Business Email Compromised (BEC) attack detections also decreased by 10.6%. However, Trend Micro’s AI-powered stylistic analysis has analyzed an 83% increase in BEC threats, revealing that these threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Methodology: The report figures are based on data generated and collected during the year 2021 by Trend Micro Cloud App Security™ which complements the native protection of several collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

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