Citadel Securities (Ken Griffin): 23.3 million dollars in earnings per day!  When we tell you that time is money!

Citadel Securities (Ken Griffin): 23.3 million dollars in earnings per day! When we tell you that time is money!




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16,000 dollars in earnings per minute

If on your side you have been waiting impatiently for 3 months for the price of Bitcoin to finally exceed these cursed $30,000 so that you can close your position with your 50% profit, know that, during this time, the pros are recording profits. breathtaking, every day: no less than $23 million on average per day from Citadel Securities. This company has pocketed half-year revenues of $ 4.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg agency. It recorded a jump of 23% compared to 2021, thanks in part to you.

A broker without a best execution policy is much easier…

But of course, Citadel Securities is also a market maker, and its core business is not proprietary trading. On the contrary, the company pockets juicy income by centralizing the orders of investors (and therefore in particular those of 40% of American individuals), speculating on the financial markets. And the more volatile the markets, the busier they are, and the greater the number of transactions. By centralizing the orders, Citadel Securities can consolidate them and thus also intervene on its side. Brokers, paying little attention to the policy of best execution for their clients’ orders, which is legal in the USA and illegal in Europe, thus allow Citadel Securities to take a position on the market more cheaply. You will easily understand what can happen when automatic programs vary the prices of certain assets.

Cryptos in the line of sight at the end of 2022 or in 2023

Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel Securities, said the company plans to build crypto markets, but he didn’t mention a specific timeline. Citadel Securities and Virtu Financial are building a cryptocurrency trading platform with multinational financial services firm Schwab that could be rolled out later this year or early 2023. Venture capital giants Sequoia Capital and Paradigm , as well as a few retail brokers, are also included in this project. While details about the company are scarce, the project will be Citadel and Virtu’s first foray into the world of crypto, which traditionally offers trading in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Speaking to Bloomberg, Mayura Hooper, a spokeswoman for Schwab, said the company would seek to invest in cryptocurrency businesses and technologies with a strong regulatory focus and in a secure environment. Although they have no plans to offer direct crypto trading at this stage, Hooper mentioned that they will consider introducing direct access to cryptocurrencies when regulations become clearer.

Ken Griffin, $29 billion

Kenneth C. Griffin (born October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida) is an American businessman and billionaire, founder and manager of the Citadel hedge fund. The successes of his trading firm and his hedge fund make this American of Irish origin, the richest financier on Wall Street with a fortune now estimated at more than 29 billion dollars (shares in his funds, real estate, works of art…). He owns more than three-quarters of his trading firm, a veritable machine for generating cash in all market configurations and circumstances. His hedge fund, which specializes in multi-strategy (diversified investment in several markets), continues to deliver double-digit returns (another 18% in the first half). His fund narrowly escaped bankruptcy in 2008, when it plunged 55% during the Great Financial Crisis.

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