CGV 2023: NRJ Global aims to facilitate access to TV media - Radio > Media

CGV 2023: NRJ Global aims to facilitate access to TV media – Radio > Media



NRJ Global publishes its General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) 2023. The group says it aims to “facilitate access to TV media and work for more responsible communication”according to a press release.

The T&Cs according to NRJ Global

NRJ Global relies on its “good vibes”, entertainment and the sharing of positive emotions – which are the raison d’être and action of the NRJ Group – by offering viewers a diversified and complementary offer with its 3 television channels .


  • 5.3 million viewers per day.
  • A core target in affinity with 25-49 year olds and GDR Women under 50.
  • This comeback, reinforcement of entertainment and feel good : cult series ” The prince of Bel-Air “ with Will Smith and ” A boy a girl “a blockbuster program with reference castings (Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson) and a new comedy rendezvous with Bruno Roblès and “The Masters of Laughter”.

Honey 25:

  • 4.3 million viewers per day.
  • The most feminine channel with 70% female audience.
  • This comeback, the chain pursues its ambition of a singular and audacious offerfeaturing: a new season of “Under the petticoats of history” with Christine Bravo (destinies of exceptional women), a premium and demanding cinema program (Mon roi, The imitation game) and exclusive and unpublished series in the Saturday evening saga (“Our miraculous years” and “Grand Hotel” season 2).

NRJ Hits:

  • 1time thematic music channel on all advertising targets.
  • Referring channel position on musicpunctuating every moment of life.

NRJ Global continues to simplify its offers to facilitate access to the purchase of media space:

A/ Facilitate the purchase of TV media

The purchase in Cost GRP, to guarantee the performance of the plans? 24 guaranteed targets and 13 qualitative criteria to build media planning. Target Packs? systems built around our best affinity contexts with guaranteed performance on Premium and new Millennials targets.

B/ Facilitate bi-media purchases

TV x video with the extension of our digital TV inventories with our video offer? 20 million PV/month.

TV x Radio : Because Radio reactivates the memory of the spot, successively using TV then Radio increases the sales generated by +13%(1) thanks to the synergy of the two media. Post test included to validate the success of the mix.

C/ Facilitate access to emerging formats

Emerging speaking bonuses with sponsorship? format of up to 12 seconds and premium placement as close as possible to affinity programs with the target with proven effectiveness (+7 points of purchase intent(2)). Creative innovation to promote interactivity with your customers with a device to integrate a QR CODE into advertising creation.

D/ Facilitate the measurement of proof of effectiveness

Efficiency measures are integrated into all our offers: drive to web measurement, post test.

E/ Facilitate access to TV media for newcomers

A turnkey device to ensure a first speech in television. Dedicated support from NRJ GLOBAL teams on analyzes of your sector, in the construction of your communication plans as well as on the creation of your advertising spot.

Our corporate responsibility: more responsible communication

A/ Commit by being a signatory of the climate law

Propose specific commercial conditions, taking into account the availability of schedules, for the information campaigns of administrations and charitable organizations (excluding charitable organizations linked to advertisers or groups of advertisers), in favor of responsible practices and the use of less polluting products. Gradually reduce on-air distribution of prizes consisting of products and services that have a negative impact on the environment and strive to promote more eco-responsible prizes.

B/ Measure to understand and act

NRJ Global has developed with EcoAct a calculator for measuring the carbon footprint of your advertising campaigns in radio-audio, tv-video, influence and display. Propose a carbon footprint assessment of advertising campaigns at NRJ Global Radio, and based on this diagnosis, we set up a media planning recommendation in order to improve the CO2e footprint.

C/ Carry the CSR commitment of brands by relying on two advertising integrations

Native Green: a dedicated and unique space at the end of the TV advertising screen for brands with an environmental label.

Goodeed, solidarity advertising that offers brands to communicate while financing social and environmental causes.

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