CGV 2023: FranceTV Publicité is already preparing for 2024 - TV > Media

CGV 2023: FranceTV Publicité is already preparing for 2024 – TV > Media



FranceTV Publicité already has its mind set…for 2024! The network managing the channels that will broadcast the Olympic Games is banking on sport to boost advertising performance. With the objective of testing new immersive formats such as the entry of the Stade 2 program into web3, France TV Publicité also intends to strengthen its commitments in terms of performance. Some of these editorial initiatives will precede formal advertising offers for the year 2024.

In summary, here are the main characteristics of FranceTV Publicité’s 2023 T&Cs:

Segmented TV : Industrialization of programmatic purchasing via ADspace and Adcleek.

Targeting : Targeting small TV consumers (28 minutes per day on average). Targeting of exposed / non-exposed via Orange boxes and the Amplified AdTracking offer. Targeting fans of events (sports and cultural) in segmented television Targeting regular and occasional sports participants in linear advertising and sponsorship

Measure : Possibility of having coverage uplift reports on target for targeting small consumers (extrapolation) and exposed / non-exposed (Orange data). Ambition to create a standard for measuring attention by 2024. Calculette Carbone

Ad Formats : Let’s Play format launched with Play’Ads, which makes it possible to establish a phygital advertising format of the treasure hunt type.

CSR : Association with Radio France around common Transition Spaces. Additional exposure for the selected projects.

Contents : Beyond sport, public management also relies on cinema with the broadcast of the Cannes Film Festival, but also the management of TCM from the Warner Bros. Group.

PAHO : The immersive experiences developed on VRChat for the Stade 2 program will continue and will see the implementation of advertising formats by 2024.

Various : The public company is still the only one to formally commit to performance-based offers via Business Partners, DtW Partners and ROI Partners.

The 2023 T&Cs according to FranceTV Publicité:

In a video consumption market in France which has exploded to more than 5 hours per day, television is resilient with a usage share of 76%. Nevertheless, we observe a fragmentation of attention, or even fatigue, due to over-solicitation. However, attention is a limited resource, a precious commodity. At France Télévisions, we make the quality of relational attention a priority issue because the French have never needed so much to create links and to have points of reference. In advertising, this translates into the promise of mutual consideration between brands and audiences because advertising must be at the service of audiences and alongside brands. So many unique advantages that make up the strength of France Télévisions’ offer: with a 29% audience share, France TV remains the number one medium for French people and 70% of them pay real attention to the content of our channels.

“DESTINATION 2024” is our strategic plan for the next two years, to cultivate attention around two singular axes: the attention of all audiences to strengthen the quality of relational links; attention to advertising to ensure greater effectiveness. A program rich in solutions for efficiency, innovation and exclusivity with a unique value proposition in Sport.

1: The attention of all audiences to strengthen the quality of the relational link

1.1: Building the public television of tomorrow: energizing, vibrant and lively TV

Our quest at France TV is to pay attention to all audiences by addressing all generations and all territories; We reach more than 47 million French people every week and are a reflection of the structure by age group of the French population. Building the TV of tomorrow means strengthening our conversation with the public by being an energizing, vibrant and lively TV.

1.2: Become the leading free video platform in France by 2024

In digital, France Télévisions has a strong ambition, that of being the largest catalog of open access and 100% free content in France. By 2024, France TV will become the leading free video platform in France. Monthly coverage will be doubled to reach 75% of French people.

1.3: Pilot the strategy with quality indicators of relational attention

Our strategy takes into account this attention from all audiences to strengthen the quality of the relationship because the link with the audiences is fragile. Thus, France TV manages its strategy by monitoring the quality indicators of relational attention: Citizen Consultation, Quali TV Barometer of programs with Harris Interactive, Image Barometer of channels in France with IFOP.

1.4: Building the France 2024 project

Attention to quality content, especially on Sport and Live is a key element. Indeed, the attention score for Sport content on France TV is at a very high level with 74%. France Télévisions is mobilizing to make the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games a French success. 4 major axes which are now coming to life in the ambitious editorial strategy of Sport on France Télévisions: Promoting women’s Sport; Promote Parasport; Anchor Sport in the dynamics of the territories; Inspired by the “Champion(s)”.

2: Attention to advertising to guarantee better effectiveness for brands

2.1: Building a French standard for TV advertising attention

Measure and model the most contributory criteria to better attention to optimize brand effectiveness. A two-year strategic plan (2023/2024): A research program with the agencies of European countries, co-construction with the advertising market, and support with the CESP in order to offer brands strategic lessons that will guide their choreographies and their impact in terms of advertising campaigns.

2.2: Make Sport a field of the future for brands

Sport, on the way to accessibility and platformization : From December 2022, our Sport offer will be available in our ADspace platform for the official partners of the Olympic Games and, in Q1 2023, we will offer the possibility of purchasing the classic TV spaces of Roland-Garros and the Tour de France.

Sport, a precision marketing tool : Exclusive segments in segmented TV “Fans of France TV sporting events”. Made-to-measure with our ISP partners, these new targets will improve the quality and precision of targeting thanks to the specific addressing of fans of Roland-Garros, the Tour de France, the Olympic Games or the 6 Nations Tournament. Targeting & optimization of linear TV media planning and/or sponsorship with the creation of a new “Sportsmen” target available in the Médiamat and media planning tools.

Sport, a field of innovation and phygital and immersive experiences : The new advertising product “Let’s Play” plunges the consumer into a phygital universe thanks to a life-size adventure game, in the heart of mythical places in cities. This new concept mixes experiential, social interactions, proximity, positive emotions and drive-to-store. The metaverse, more than a buzz word, an exploration to measure the appetite of young audiences in this new world of Web 3.0. France Télévisions has already carried out the first tests of immersive experiences dedicated to Sport and the worlds of Stade 2 and Roland-Garros in 2022. For Paris 2024, our ambition is to offer new immersive advertising experiences for brands.

2.3: Enrich our evidence of effectiveness in our advertising solutions

After the success of our performance offers on which we are committed on business indicators, we want to go a step further in order to model the share of contacts to be allocated on France TV to optimize the ROI of brands. The new exclusive Kantar study once again demonstrates the effectiveness and contribution of France Télévisions to ROI TV. Indeed, the more the share of TV contacts on target media is increased on France TV, the more the incremental turnover of your products and services is verified: the modeling carried out on the food sector, allows us to affirm that with 40 % of contacts delivered on France Télévisions, the incremental revenue of the campaign increased by +19%.

2.4: Always one step ahead with segmented TV thanks to the dynamics and deployment of

With 350 campaigns sold since the launch at the end of October 2020, continues its momentum: Acceleration : in the 1st half of 2022, there are 5 times more campaigns than in the 1st half of 2021; Loyalty : 50% of advertisers returned after a first campaign; Precision : nearly half of targeting now intersects with several data criteria (between geolocation, profile and/or media); Innovative targeting at the local level to support advertisers’ territoriality strategy : isochronous targeting, living areas, meteorological criteria;

Always one step ahead in our developments and deployment: Productivity and platformization : in order to simplify purchases and provide access to our segmented TV inventories for all types of buyers. We have opened programmatic to traders who can now buy our inventory via The Trade Desk and Xandr DSPs. In September 2022, programmatic already represented 30% of sales; Industrialization: thanks to our partnership with Adcleek and our ADspace API. Thus, more than 1,500 points of sale can reserve France TV’s segmented TV inventories in just a few clicks.

For 2023, a new stage on segmented TV: Exclusive targeting in order to gain in quality and finesse with new segments linked to our most premium programs and events: fans of “Silence, it grows” and “Magazine de la santé”, in addition to Culturebox and “La Maison Des Maternelles “. The most premium “event” targets such as fans of Roland-Garros, the Tour de France, the Olympic Games, the Cannes Film Festival. Behavioral targeting and incremental reach solutions with “addressable. TV amplify”. Two new complementary and reinforcement solutions for segmented TV vs. Linear TV. By targeting Small TV Consumers, or by going further through an unprecedented management solution for tracking “in the countryside” of non/weakly exposed TV ( amplify ADtracking offer).

2.5: Concrete actions for a sustainable world

Encourage the French to energy sobriety and eco-actions. Energy sobriety is a subject that concerns all French people, and for which France Télévisions undertakes to relay on its antennas a new kind of weather forecast “The Weather of Electricity” with EcoWatt, an alert system that will change color during periods of high voltage on the electrical network.

Develop a standard and transparency in the calculation of carbon emissions following the broadcast of a TV campaign (classic or sponsorship), or digital on France TV environments, thanks to our own carbon calculator, developed with the EcoAct firm.

Commit to and promote projects in favor of ecological transition through the first joint public service offer on the environment. FranceTV Publicité reinforces Radio France’s “Transition en Commun” system by offering media visibility to the 10 selected projects.

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