"Ces mentalités archaïques doivent changer", réagit Lewis Hamilton après les propos racistes de Nelson Piquet

“Ces mentalités archaïques doivent changer”, réagit Lewis Hamilton après les propos racistes de Nelson Piquet



The Briton strongly criticized the statements of the former Brazilian driver, who called Hamilton a “little black” in an interview.

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Six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton reacted on Tuesday June 28 to racist remarks by former Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet concerning him. “These are more than words. These archaic mentalities must change and have no place in our sport“, tweeted the Briton. “Behaviors like this have surrounded and targeted me all my life. There’s been time to learn, now is the time for action“, added the driver of the Mercedes team.

In an interview from November 2021, Piquet spoke about “little black” (“neguinho” in Portuguese) when he brought up Hamilton, referring to an incident involving Briton and Dutchman Max Verstappen in the first round of the 2021 British Grand Prix.”The little black guy put his car in and left it because there was no way he could pass two cars on that bend“said Piquet, three-time F1 world champion, in this video interview with Motorsports.com.

He did it to piss her off. His luck is that only the other [Verstappen] got fucked“, added Piquet, who is the father of Verstappen’s companion. The Brazilian is already a controversial figure in his country, he who is one of the supporters of the far-right head of state Jair Bolsonaro.

Piquet’s exit was condemned by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Formula 1, the organizer of the F1 World Championship. “Discriminatory or racist comments are unacceptable in any form and have no place in society.“, reacted Formula 1 in a press release sent to AFP.

Hamilton was heavily involved in the “Black Lives Matter” movement in 2020. On his initiative, some drivers took a knee before the races as a sign of support, and the color of Mercedes single-seaters changed from gray to black until ‘at the end of the 2021 season. The Briton will return home this weekend for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

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