Cérémonie de remise des médailles de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de l'Engagement associatif

Cérémonie de remise des médailles de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de l’Engagement associatif



Today, Monday July 4, 2022, Serge Castel, prefect of Cantal presided over the ceremony for the awarding of the youth and sports medals.

Within the Cantal department, more than 35,000 volunteers are involved in more than 4,000 associations. These people involved in the associative movement, very often devote several days of the week to bringing the associative project to life, in many areas: education, culture, sport, social, health, environment, defense rights, recreation, humanitarian aid, etc.

Volunteers often come in support of employees who, in Cantal, represent 17% of employees in the private sector, mainly in the social sector (70% in Cantal against 50% nationally). However, the impact of the pandemic is still there with a drop of nearly 2 million volunteers in 2022 nationally.

The medal for youth, sports and associative commitment rewards the continuous and lasting commitment of volunteers who bring associative projects to life, which contribute to living together.

Beyond the medal, State services support community life through the Fund for the Development of Associative Life (FDVA), with €147,500 donated for the benefit of the training of volunteers from Cantal associations since 2014, and €833,540 paid for their operation and innovation, also since 2014.

The Youth and Sports Medal was initiated in 1969 to honor volunteers who work to promote the values ​​of sport and popular education, or to promote access to educational leisure and non-formal education. In 2013, the term associative commitment was added to affirm this desire to support all areas of associative life.

This honorary distinction has three levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Candidates must demonstrate a seniority of voluntary service records of:

 6 years at the Bronze level,

 10 years for the Silver level

 15 years for the Gold level

Today, 23 volunteers from the promotion of July 2020, 14 are decorated for all their actions in areas as varied as they are important, becoming ambassadors of the values ​​of the Republic.

The medals awarded today break down as follows:

• 2 gold medals

• 4 silver medals

• 17 bronze medals

The recipients of July 4, 2022 decorated in Cantal:


Mr Fernand Farges

Mr Roger Prat


Mr Pierre CHANUT

Mr Jean-Michel GOUDAL

Mr Benoit MALLET

Ms Roselyne MEYNIEL



Mr Marc Brown

Mr Jean-Pierre BRUNHES


Mr Pascal Cassagnes

Mr Jean-Pierre CASTANIER

Ms Christelle COMBIER


Mrs Audrey GRENIER

Mr Jean-Emile GALIER


Mr Jacques Hamon

Mr Michel LALO



Ms Angelique PAYRAT

Mr François NOZIERE

Download the press release :
dp presentation of youth and sport medals v2 (pdf format – 171.4 kb – 05/07/2022)

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