NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

Catastrophic evolution in the Kevin Durant file!



Kevin Durant hopes to find out the identity of his new team in the coming weeks, preferably before the start of training camp. For the Nets, no question of doing a favor to the player, who must be ready to stay at home for a long time. The latest update on this soap opera is far from reassuring, and raises fears of the worst for the future.

Now far from the Nets, Kevin Durant insisted with Joe Tsai about his trade, even going so far as to drop an ultimatum, which was refused in stride in an official tweet. A way to remind the star, and perhaps other players, that the franchise comes first, including the whims of some. KD is no exception, as he will not get the desired two starts, unlike his trade.

From the start, Brooklyn quickly made it clear that the Slim Reaper was available, to begin negotiations. According to ESPN, the franchise has spoken with almost everyone, without finding a single agreement. The explanation is simple: the asking price is too high. Knowing that the Wolves have dropped several players, including a youngster from the last draft, as well as 4 first rounds for Rudy Gobert, the Nets expect an even higher counterpart.

Kevin Durant stuck in the Big Apple

For the suitors, who wanted to make a first offer, it necessarily calms down. Even the Celtics, who have started talking to the Nets, must have been shocked by Sean Marks’ request, who is not shy about asking for a mountain in exchange for his number 7. A situation that seems set to last, as Brian Windhorst insists, for ESPN. The latter confirms it, nothing has changed for weeks, and everything suggests that it will continue like this.

” Nothing has changed. The dynamic around Kevin Durant remains the same, but he has no leverage on the Brooklyn Nets. We could still be there for the end of August, or until mid-September. » Windhorst

With training camp coming up in September, we know that the franchises should increase their offer for Durant. Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, as the Nets seem determined to get what they want, by all means. Knowing that KD still has 4 years of contract, Marks can afford to temporize for a very long time if he wants to.

Kevin Durant wants to leave the Nets, but the latter have no intention of lowering their request. A soap opera that continues, and which could continue beyond the recovery if no one decides to make an effort. We hope that KD is ready, because he may have to train alone, on his side while waiting for his trade.

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