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the Skaze Trading Desk and the agency Influencers Network are launching a new offer that mixes programmatic and influence. The goal ? Boost the performance of marketing campaigns. According to a study by Rakutenmarketing in 2019, 8 out of 10 consumers make a purchase following the recommendations of a influencer. More and more companies are favoring the creation of specific content with influencers. This after identifying the audiences that match their brand image. Their objective is to reach a much larger qualified target, in order to significantly improve their ROI. It is precisely at this level that another lever comes into play, still too rarely used together: programmatic. The promise is ultra-targeting, thanks to the creation of audience pools and hyper-personalization.

Programmatic x Influence

Thus, to provide maximum precision, each pool is created around socio-demographic, contextual, transactional and behavioral data. The publication of tailor-made banners according to the Internet user’s consumption and browsing habits is offered, for example. In this context, the Skaze Trading Desk and the agency Influencers Network launch a new offer Programmatic x Influence.

In 2021, Influencers Network joined Advent Media. Therefore, Claudia Nadjar, Head of Influens Network, and David Levy discuss the opportunities that influence and programmatic can offer to advertisers’ campaigns, in order to benefit from the performance of these two levers.

“We are the first group to have internalized the influence part in correlation with programmatic, in order to create a synergy between these two levers! » says Claudia Nadjar, Manager of Influens Network.

“This offer makes it possible to increase the performance of each campaign tenfold, by offering a much wider distribution framework”, says David Levy, CEO and Co-founder of Skaze.

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Programmatic: an omnichannel logic complementary to influence

Advertisers gain visibility throughinfluence. And the programmatic makes it possible to extend the life of influencer content by multiplying the points of contact. And this, via display, video (YouTube, TV replay, segmented TV and synchronized TV), digital audio (podcasts or web radio), or even retargeting.

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The generation of lookalikes (i.e. an audience whose behaviors are similar to those of the brand’s regular customers) and the increase in ROI are concrete examples of this.

  • The lookalike generation

From the publications of influencers, their communities are directed to a page (home website, landing page). The insertion of pixels on this page allows the generation of lookalikes. This creates a huge sounding board. The campaign is then amplified and generates maximum traffic.

Following an influence campaign, the behavior of the audience on the advertiser’s site is analyzed (cart abandonment, stopping on the product page, etc.). Then, scenarios are set up to rework the users, generally in display (=targeted banners), in a logic of hyper-personalization.

The Creative Optimization Dynamic (DCO): a strategic element for mixing influence and programmatic

Skaze develops a suite of tools that integrates a Consumer Data Platform (CDP). It makes it possible to optimize the audience segments of a DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization)solution for optimizing personalized and scripted dynamic banners.

At the same time, thanks to Influencers Network, it is possible to obtain the image rights session of influencers in order to create 360° multi-media campaigns. The commitment in programmatic is all the more important since the influencers embody the content.

To learn more about Skaze, go to its dedicated page!

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