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Communicating on social networks today represents a real challenge for brands. Not only does it take creativity to reach demanding, busy audiences saturated with intrusive ads; but also to share its message at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. To do this, many turn to intermediaries: influencers. Why ? How ? But above all, with whom? The team of I have a friend in the com gives the floor to Jérémy Boissinot, CEO of Favikon – THE 100% automated software that allows you to research and analyze opinion leaders, but also to follow all your partnerships – to find out.

Interview with Jérémy Boissinot, CEO of Favikon

JUPDLC: Can you introduce us to Favikon in one sentence?

Jeremy Boissinot: Favikon is a subscription software allowing you to integrate influence marketing into your growth strategy in an easy and 100% automated way.

JUPDLC: Why did you create such a tool?

Jeremy Boissinot: Influencer marketing has become more democratic. Where a few years ago it was only reserved for large accounts and agencies, today everyone can and wants to work with influencers, including the smallest brands. However, there was no tool accessible to everyone, even to those who had never worked with influencers. From there was born Favikon.

JUPDLC: Can you tell us a few words about the artificial intelligence used by Favikon?

Jeremy Boissinot: Thanks to the gigantic data we have, we are learning on a large number of influencers to determine what is a good influencer or a bad influencer. This is the reason why the Favikon rating is so popular on the market, is that it is based on very precise data!

JUPDLC: Why use Favikon to implement an influence strategy?

Jeremy Boissinot: Favikon allows you to do everything, from A to Z! From researching influencers to campaign management, including analysis and account monitoring, everything is possible on the platform! And unlike networking platforms, all profiles are on Favikon, which allows you to work with the most relevant influencers for your needs!

JUPDLC: What sets you apart from your competitors?

Jeremy Boissinot: Unlike other platforms on the market, Favikon has been designed from the start for new market players: small brands, e-tailers and independents.

JUPDLC: How is your client portfolio composed?

Jeremy Boissinot: Less than half of our clients are e-merchants, for whom influence is at the heart of the strategy. For the rest, it’s really very large: startups, small brands, schools or even micro-merchants.

Photo credit: Favikon

JUPLDC: Should influence strategies be preferred to so-called “classics” ? Why ?

Jeremy Boissinot: Influence does not necessarily replace other strategies. But you should know that the ROI of a good influence campaign is much higher than other channels, on average 6 to 8 times. The problem is to do it well, because there are many pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to overcome.

JUPDLC: How can influencer marketing evolve today?

Jeremy Boissinot: Influencer marketing is evolving enormously with the development of social networks like Instagram, Tiktok, etc. What is certain is that the demand for influencers is stronger than ever, and the market is growing.

JUPDLC: How is Favikon doing today?

Jeremy Boissinot: Favikon is doing well! We are a great team of 15 people, passionate about social networks and influencers, and we are recruiting more than ever!

JUPDLC: Projects for 2022?

Jeremy Boissinot: In 2022, we will go even further in making Favikon accessible to the general public. The idea is really that anyone can work with influencers, without having any notion of social networks or influence. The product will therefore evolve in this direction, and functionalities

To learn more about Favikon, go to its dedicated tool page!

Favikon tool page

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